What if I got up? Let's find the answer to an intriguing question

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what if I got up
Men of different ages sometimes facethe problem of unintentional erection. In such a situation, the only question they ask themselves is: "What if I got up?" The problem is not so large, if it happened at home, alone. In this case, you just need to wait and the member will go down. For example, morning erection is completely normal. It arises because an enlarged bladder prevents the outflow of blood.

But what if the guy got up in a crowded place?Many representatives of the stronger sex joke about this topic approximately like this: "What do you experience? I straightened my back, and go with your head held high! "There is, of course, some truth in this: they say that everything that is natural is not ugly. Especially in our country, where a high percentage of men suffer from impotence due to tobacco and alcohol dependence.

Most often the question: "What if I got up?"- Ask themselves teenagers. For them, this is really a problem, because an erection can happen several times a day. In this case, you can advise wearing underwear tighter, this will help visually hide what the penis has risen. Or wear shirts, the length of which will cover the zipper on the pants.

a member arose
"What if I got up in publicplace? "- many people ask themselves this question. In this situation, there are two ways out. The first is to retire, for example in the bathroom, and wait until the member sinks. If you do not have time for this, there is a way to speed up the process. To do this, moisten the head with cold water. If possible, a cube of ice. You can also apply a wet cold towel to the bottom of the stomach. The effect is not to force oneself to wait, it will take no more than 5 minutes, and you will be able to go further on your business.

The second method is suitable, if you have a goodsense of humor. Translate the situation into a joke, start a conversation on another topic, the sediment of embarrassment, of course, will remain, but everything will be brightened up with a little laugh. We are all human beings, therefore nothing human is alien to us! Especially do not worry, if it happened in a circle of men, each of them, most likely, there are a couple of funny stories about getting into a situation that is similar to yours.

the guy got up
If you are in a public place, go somewhere, or go to the subway, you can try to hide the erection, with his hands in his pockets.

Many guys are interested in the question:"What if I get up without a reason and do not go down for a couple of hours?" Let's try to find the answer. This situation is very dangerous for men's health. Most likely, a prolonged swelling of the genitals indicates a disease such as priapism. This is a pathology, in which there is a painful erection, without sexual arousal. One of the symptoms is that the penis is filled with blood unevenly, so that the head remains soft, and it bends toward the stomach. The causes of such a disease can be traumas of the genitals or the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Complications can be very serious, starting withimpotence, ending with gangrene. Usually, if a man in time realized that this is not a simple erection and immediately turned to a doctor, perform a surgical procedure or a puncture under local anesthesia.

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