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Ilya Klebanov is one of those unsinkablepoliticians, who in sufficient numbers appeared on the waves of perestroika. He made a dizzying career, having traveled from a simple engineer to a vice-premier of the Russian Federation. His life is an example of active progress toward a goal, but with the use of sometimes dubious means.

Iliya Klebanov

Parents and early years

Klebanov Ilya Iosifovich was born in Leningrad. 7May 1951. The family was ordinary: my mother worked as a small employee in an insurance company, my father served in the air force. Klebanovs lived safely, although there was no special wealth. Ilya's childhood was completely typical for that time: kindergarten, school, friends of the yard. Nothing foreshadowed any outstanding life. After graduation, Ilya Klebanov entered the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. In 1974, he received a diploma of higher education in the specialty of "engineer-electrophysicist." At the institute Klebanov did not show much activity in public life and study. On distribution after the institute, he comes to the research and production association Electron. Ilya worked there for three years.

klebanov Ilya Iosifovich


In 1977, Ilya Klebanov, whose biographydeveloped very typically for an engineer of Soviet times, comes to work in the Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Association. Lenin, shortly called LOMO. The enterprise produced equipment for the military industry, film technology and led scientific developments in the optical field. Ilya began to work as a design engineer. Wages here were better than in "Electron", but Klebanov did not have special wealth. For 15 years he has passed all stages of career growth: he was a workshop master, chief of a design and technology bureau, deputy chief technologist, chief engineer. So he knew the organization from the inside and out. In 1992 he became the general director of the association.

A year later, LOMO passes the procedure of corporatization. The enterprise received significant funds, which allowed it to upgrade the equipment and enter a new level of production. LOMO as a result of this modernization began to produce more competitive products and was able to significantly increase exports and increase profits. The largest investors of the country took part in the privatization of the enterprise: Potanin and Prokhorov. These acquaintances will later prove useful to Klebanov. As a result of all these processes, Ilya Iosifovich had quite a lot of money. If before that for him were the most significant amount of money earned during the holidays with friends in the construction, now he could receive a solid guaranteed income.

Iliya Klerban biography

Path to politics

In 1992, Ilya Klebanov is a member of the Councilindustrialists and entrepreneurs under the Government of the Russian Federation, who personally supervised BN. Yeltsin. It is from this place that the vertical rise of Ilya Iosifovich's career begins. Since 1994, he is a member of the presidential council on entrepreneurship. At the same time becomes a member of the boards of directors of several companies, is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Theater. Tovstonogov. Entering the "director's lobby," Klebanov finds great connections and a benevolent attitude of Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin, who in 1997 even mentions him as "national wealth" in his annual message.

Work in government

In 1997, Ilya Klebanov was appointed to thethe government of St. Petersburg: he becomes vice-premier. Informed sources claimed that this appointment, as well as the mention of Klebanov's name in the speech of the President, was planned by Anatoly Chubais. He expected that Ilya Iosifovich soon replenish his team, but for now he needed to gain experience. In the government of Yakovlev, he held the post of first deputy and oversaw the city economy and industrial policy of St. Petersburg.

But after a year he has to move toMoscow. He received the post of Deputy Prime Minister Stepashin and began to deal with the problems of the military-industrial complex. In 1999, after the change of government, Klebanov retained his post under V.V. To Putin. In 2000, when Putin became president, Mikhail Kasyanov - prime minister, Ilya Iosifovich again remains in his chair. In 2001, he received an additional post and became Minister of Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation. In 2002, Klebanova was removed from office as vice-premier, retaining the post of minister. In 2003, he also had to vacate this place.

Sovcheflot Ilya Iosifovich

Plenipotentiary Representative

In November 2003, Klebanov Ilya Iosifovichyields his ministerial chair to a good friend A. Fursenko, and he himself receives a new position. President Putin appoints him as his plenipotentiary representative in the North-West Federal District. So he returned to St. Petersburg. Experts said that this was Klebanov's "honorable reference" for his conflicts with the circles close to the government. In parallel, Ilya Iosifovich was a member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. After the presidential chair was occupied by D. Medvedev, Klebanov retained his post. And only in 2011 he was released from these duties in connection with the transition to a new job.

eugenia yakovlevna klebanova


In 2011, he becomes the head of the largestRussian shipping company Sovcomflot. This company was established by the government of the Russian Federation, and it holds most of the sea gas transportation in Russia. Its tanker fleet numbers more than 200 units. Klebanov Ilya Iosifovich, Sovcomflot for which has become a platform for the application of its forces, has actively taken up the establishment of relations with various foreign partners. Since behind him is a powerful administrative resource, the company quite easily succeeds in obtaining large contracts for the delivery of gas by sea from Russia to the partner countries.


Many people who know the name of the politician,the question arises: "Klebanov Ilya Iosifovich where now?" A common man in the street is unlikely to be able to answer him. And people from business for certain will tell, that it now - the large businessman. Leaving the government posts, he began to develop a family fishing business, which was previously not without his assistance acquired by daughter Catherine and her husband. Today, several companies controlled by Klebanov have an annual turnover of 6 billion rubles.

Klebanov Iliya Iosifovich where now


Ilya Klebanov more than once became the object ofvarious attacks and investigations. He was accused that during his time at LOMO he was involved in selling technology to competing companies, but this information was not officially confirmed. Journalists claimed that during his vice-premiership he lobbied interests of V. Potanin and the Jewish community, helped them to take over companies in different regions of the country. In 2016, in documents known as the "Panamanian dossier," three offshore companies were found associated with the name Klebanova. Comments from Ilya Iosifovich did not follow.


For his government life, Ilya Klebanovreceived such awards as the President's Certificate of Honor, the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, Honor, "For Services to St. Petersburg". He is a full-fledged state adviser to the Russian Federation of the first class.

Personal life

Ilya Iosifovich has been married for a long time and happily. His wife, Evgenia Yakovlevna Klebanova, worked with him in LOMO. After the husband went to power, she no longer officially worked. The couple had two children: daughter Catherine and son Constantine. The daughter married and gave birth to Kleban's grandson. She and her husband owns the company "Virybus", which is a major shareholder of LOMO and the founder of a large fishing business.

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