Why did Borodin and Terekhin part? Love and disappointment

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The birth of their love was watched by millions. Under the cameras of the reality show, there were real passions. The leader of the popular TV station "Dom-2" Ksenia Borodina and the former police officer Mikhail Terekhin, who came to the project as a member, did not hesitate to build their relationship in the eyes of amazed admirers. But after a long romance the lovers decided to disperse. What happened in this pair and why did Borodin and Terekhin part?

Love story

Ksenia Borodina and Mikhail Terekhin met in2011 during the filming of the next day on the famous reality show "Dom-2". Michael came as a new member to find his soul mate. But instead of building relationships with other girls, he began courting the non-replaceable leading TV project - Ksenia Borodina.

why did the beard part with the terekhin
Easy flirting has turned into the beginning of theseromantic relationship, because the girl answered the boy in return. In front of the amazed viewers on the project, a couple emerged, which went beyond the standards of the reality show. According to the rules, the presenter had no right to enter into personal relations with the participants and, moreover, to establish romantic relations. But the producers still made an exception for lovers.

Love for show

Soon the candy-bouquet period ended, and inthe relationship between lovers was not all so smooth. Frequent quarrels and misunderstandings became regular companions of this novel. Such relations were public, and this had a negative impact on their further development. Everyone knew why Borodin and Terekhin split up and why they quarreled, and what topics they discussed.

why did the beard part with Terekhin
And they quarreled very often and rushedutterances that part for good, but then converge again. Small quarrels turned into grandiose scandals. Xenia often made claims to her chosen one throughout the country. Then Terekhin decided to leave the TV project, realizing that the relationship under the cameras should be stopped.

A change of scenery

After leaving the project, Mikhail moved to Xenia, andtheir relationship began to play with new colors. In an interview, the TV host told how much her beloved changed, how he became tender and caring and how well they are far from the cameras. In Xenia's appearance, it was safe to say that she was happy. The girl dropped superfluous kilograms and changed her image, and on joint photos with Michael just glowed.

They became a real family. According to the lovers, at the beginning of the novel they could not imagine that everything would be so serious. They often went to rest with their children: with Ksenia's daughter from her first marriage and with her son Mikhail from his ex-wife. It was difficult to imagine their joint trips abroad together. They enjoyed a big family. Therefore, for fans, it remains a mystery why Ksenia Borodina broke up with Terekhin.

Michael Terekhin and Borodina Why Parted
Lovers were often asked about whetherthe wedding, but Xenia and Mikhail laughed and said that not so long ago they had parted ways with their former passions and were not in a hurry to get married again. While they enjoy the presence of each other, and that's enough for them. Although there are rumors that already at that time Xenia was very anxious to get married and hinted to the beloved in every way to this. But the proposal of the hand and the heart never came. Perhaps this was the main reason why Ksenia Borodina and Mikhail Terekhin split up.

Removing Masks

Demonstrating the surrounding people full of love and harmony,lovers did not give the press doubt that they are really happy. Xenia Borodina was engaged in her favorite work as a TV host and worked as a DJ in Moscow clubs. But the fans nevertheless began to notice that Xenia often began to take different orders for corporate parties and earn money as a leader in other projects. Constant weariness of the girl caused many many questions. And the main question was: "What does Terekhin do?"

why did Xenia Borodina and Mishael Terekhin part
According to the friends of the TV presenter, all monetaryKsenia took the red tape, and Terekhin's activity after his departure from the project was called into question. For all the joint trips and vacation paid Xenia, but did not advertise it, but dutifully took on additional earnings to support the family. After scandalous rumors in the relationship between Xenia and Michael began to emerge more and more new details. It turned out that the man often offended his soul mate and even raised her hand during the quarrels. Their life together was not as smooth as it seemed. Nobody knows why Borodin and Terekhin parted and how many times this happened during the entire time of relations. Behind the mask of an ideal couple, they cleverly managed to hide problems and not take out rubbish from the hut.

Underwater rocks

After a long novel in 3.5 years, allthe Internet flew around the news about the separation of the star couple. And this was the final decision. There was no longer a pair of Mikhail Terekhin and Borodin. Why did the guys parted, it was obvious, but still not clear. After all, if the lovers diverged so many times and converged, then everyone was waiting for their early reunion again, which did not happen. Xenia refused to immediately give any comments. Friends TV presenter told why Borodino broke up with Terekhin.

why Xenia beard parted from Terekhin
She was tired of constant quarrels and scandals.These relations have ceased to bring joy, but brought only pain and disappointment. Mikhail, on the contrary, was pleased to comment on the reasons for the separation and gave interviews to famous publications and television channels. He accused Xenia of excessive impulsiveness and groundless jealousy. Constant surveillance of his beloved drove Michael crazy. He does not deny that the main income in their small family was brought by Xenia, and he participated in its activities and "lost" time, sacrificing his own career.

Why did Borodin part with Terekhin?

Unlike his ex-lover, Xenia does notgoes into the details of their break. Borodin quite dryly informed his fans that it was unbearable to live with Mikhail. She constantly spent time in tears, and the witness of their scandals often became the daughter of the TV presenter. Xenia said that she could never remain friends with this person. The star does not want to comment on this past episode of his life.

For fans is still a mystery,why Borodin and Terekhin parted. Who was right, and who is to blame? There are a lot of rumors and conjectures on the Internet, but the true cause of the gap, known only to the former lover, is still an unsolved mystery.

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