Economic-mathematical methods and modeling

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Economic and mathematical methods currentlywidely used and are an important direction in improving the analysis of the activities of economic entities, as well as their units. This can be achieved by reducing the timing of the research, a deep characterization of factors, and by replacing complex calculations with simpler ones. In addition, multidimensional tasks are set and solved in the process, which can not be performed by traditional methods or manually.

Mathematical methods of economic analysis require:

1) the systematic approach in the study of the economic activity of enterprises, as well as the accounting of all interrelated areas in various spheres of the organization's management;

2) to develop a complex of economic and mathematical models that reflect the characteristics of the tasks and processes set in quantitative terms;

3) improve the system for reporting information on the economic activities of the enterprise;

4) the availability of automated systems that are responsible for the processing, storage and transfer of data required for the application of methods;

5) the organization of specially trained personnel, which will consist of mathematicians, programmers, economists, operators, etc.

economic mathematical methods

The task posed can be formulatedappropriately and solved, using economic and mathematical methods. Also, statistics are widespread. Its methods are used in the case when the analyzed indicators change in a random order. Statistical methods help to solve problems for which a forecast is needed.

The application of mathematics in the economy is dueincreasing the effectiveness of the analysis of the enterprise due to the fact that the expansion of the factors studied and the rationale for the decisions made are used. Also there is a choice of the best variants of use of resources and revealing of reserves for increase of productivity of production and development of work.

Economic and mathematical methods can be divided into 4 groups:

mathematical methods of economic analysis

1) precise optimization;

2) approximate;

3) precise non-optimization;

4) approximate.

Application of these methods for the analysis of activitiesthe enterprise helps to get a clear idea about the object under study, to quantify and characterize its external links and internal structure. Economic and mathematical methods are used primarily in modeling. The sample, which as a result is obtained, is a model of the object of investigation. The control entity creates it with a display of characteristics: properties, relationships, structural and functional parameters of the object, etc.

application of mathematics in economics

Unfortunately, in the economic-mathematicalmodeling, there can be a situation when the studied object has a complex structure. As a consequence, it is difficult to create a sample that will cover all the features of the system under investigation. An example is the economy of the economic entity as a whole.

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