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Natasha Koroleva has long ago conqueredthe Russian stage. Her songs "Yellow Tulips", "Little Country", "Blue Swans" became cult, and the sappy nature of the singer and the ability to remain without a touch of pathos aroused sympathy among the public. Koroleva always had a bright appearance and preferred bold images. But I wonder, what is Natasha Koroleva without makeup? Photos and facts - in our article.

Colorful Beauty

Natasha Koroleva blew up music charts in1990 with the song "Yellow Tulips". Then the fruitful career of the young Ukrainian woman began. The debut single for the girl was written by the famous singer and composer Igor Nikolaev. Natasha was 17 at the time of their meeting, and she fascinated Nikolaev so much that soon he offered his hand and heart to his ward. After their loud break, the singer started to go out with the muscular handsome Sergey Glushko, a sex symbol of two thousand. Then the couple got married and does not break up to this day.

Natasha Koroleva

Secret Enchantment

Natasha Koroleva was never shy about frankstage costumes and juicy makeup. In the make-up, the singer prefers to focus on the eyes with the help of haze and the technique of "Smokey Ice." From time to time the star enjoys spectacular scarlet or coral lipstick. When the vocalist appears on the screen or magazine pages, her skin is always perfectly even. Unsurprisingly, almost all celebrities cooperate with skillful make-up artists who can transform them in a matter of seconds. But what does Natasha Koroleva look like without make-up and "Photoshop"?

Natasha queen without makeup

The ubiquitous paparazzi captured the star withoutcosmetics. After a tight concert schedule, the singer allows herself to relax and gives her skin a rest, not even using concealer. She is a fatal beauty on the stage, and in normal life Natasha Koroleva without makeup is a caring wife and mother, who is natural to her face. Perhaps it was because of its simplicity and inexhaustible immediacy that the star conquered its two famous satellites.

photo of Natasha Koroleva without make-up and photoshop

Furor on TV

In December 2016, Natasha Koroleva becamelong-awaited guest megapopular transfer "Evening Urgant." During the conversation with Ivan Urgant, she mentioned the forthcoming grandiose concert in honor of the 25th anniversary of creative activity. Nevertheless, the attention of the host and the audience was attracted not by the news of the forthcoming lush show, but rather by the frank neckline of the singer. Natasha Koroleva wore a seductive black dress that bared her magnificent forms. Even Ivan Urgant was embarrassed and could not resist the flattering comment.

It is amazing and laudable that oversteppedThe star of the forty-year line can afford an outfit that even young girls are ashamed to wear. The singer again stressed her sexuality, which has not dried up over the years. It's all about energy and the charm that comes from within, so Natasha Koroleva without make-up and "Photoshop" remains desirable.

In spite of years

Now the singer is almost 44 years old, however her appearancedoes not give out the real age. A fresh photo of Natasha Koroleva without make-up and "Photoshop" appeared in her personal photoblog. Before the women's day-2017, she decided to follow the example not only of Russian, but also of world celebrities, many of whom are not afraid to appear to the public without embellishment. Natasha accompanied the photo with a funny signature and sincerely congratulated the fans on the upcoming holiday. Subscribers appreciated Selphi Koroleva and agreed that their favorite looks very young. Comments filled compliments from admiring followers.

natasha queen without makeup photo

By the way, Natasha Koroleva photo without makeupputs in the "Instagram" quite often. In everyday life, she prefers to refrain from a bright make-up. A singer is very natural when spending time with her family for a walk or football match. Husband and son adore her with adoration and tenderness. Maybe the fact is that the star often flies to Miami and away from popularity it allows itself to merge with the crowd.

natasha queen without make-up and photoshop

The star does not forget about home care andcosmetic procedures. It's easy for her to watch herself, because the singer is the mistress of her own beauty salon. Her favorites in the fight against the signs of aging are massage and natural masks. In addition, Korolev advises not to save on face cream and constantly try something new, to pamper your skin. Here are the secrets of beauty, thanks to which Natasha Koroleva without make-up can boast a minimum of wrinkles and no rash.

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