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Omar Khayyam (c. 1048-1131) during his lifetime reached public recognition of his scientific activity, as evidenced by a number of his honorary titles. At the age of twenty-five he wrote an outstanding work on algebra, at thirty-one years, headed the observatory, compiled a calendar that today is considered one of the most accurate.

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The Thinker Omar Khayyam

The most famous descendants deserved OmarKhayyam with his original poetry. Quotations of O. Khayyam about life, about wisdom and about love are represented by quatrains - aphorisms (rubai). They have a profound philosophical meaning about the most valuable thing a person has - his life. Sayings of O. Khayyam remain relevant for many centuries, since with each new reading they pave the way for a new rethinking of reality.

Quotes of Omar Khayyam about life

The poet calls to fill every day with "fun" and"Joy", to spend it in a circle of friends and girlfriends, in work and leisure to find satisfaction, because being temporarily. Sayings of Khayyam about life are optimistic, cheerful, life-affirming, life-loving: "If you can, for a moment live without worries", "From life take everything ...". In a word, to love and enjoy every moment, strive for excellence, until life has passed "like sand between the fingers," Omar Khayyam teaches. The wisdom of life (quotation) is not given by the author as the only correct one. Aphorisms often have notes of agnosticism, skepticism, nihilism, and sometimes despair and disbelief. The reader is always free to think about Omar Khayyam. Quotes about life are short, but each of them is a small finished poem in which good conquers evil.

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The speed of life, the inevitability of death,predestination of fate even more strongly cause the desire to live. No one can delay his own death, a person's life in the power of the Most High, since no things can not be eternal, "crying" about it is not worth it.

Quotes of Omar Khayyam about life and love

O. Khayyam calls love the foundation of all life. The poet uses such epithets: love is beautiful, trembling, passionate, kisses of a loved one - "bread and balm", and days without love are joyless, painful, unnecessary and hateful. "The day that passed without love, curse and forget," O. Khayyam writes. He compares love to the sun, which never burns. Love according to O. Khayyam is spiritual, it is pure and sinless. Life itself is love. Love adorns a person, it radiates a special inner light and other people are drawn to it.

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Every moment of life you need to live with love, without fear of your desires, which will die with death.

Quotes of Omar Khayyam about the wisdom of life

Since it is not in the power of a person to look intothe future, and no one knows when his last day will come, then you should not waste your life in vain, "be prudent," Omar Khayyam calls. The wisdom of life, Khayyam's quotes say that it is necessary to adhere to two simple rules: there is good food, and if it is not there, it is better to starve, and look for a worthy person, and if he has not met on the path of life, it is best to be alone.

And in need, and in wealth you need to remain yourself. The essence of the wisdom of life is that on the journey of life the person chooses his own route and passes it himself, but the main road is a return to oneself.

To live between people, one should be reasonable,kind and tolerant, taciturn and modest, uninhibited, and also try not to humiliate, not to offend and forgive others. Do not share your secrets so that you will not be betrayed. Quotes of O. Khayyam about life, wisdom are being instructed - in adversity do not look for a friend who will share misfortune with you, cope with your sufferings.

In an embittered society where violence and revenge rule, do not try to uphold justice, because it never rules the world. Do not think that you can change the course of life.

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Quotations O. Hayama's life reminds a person that his life is an instant that everyone creates himself. Fate is changeable, says the poet, and if today life is given to you in full, then tomorrow everything can change. Therefore, gratitude should be taken and joy and sorrow. Without separation you will not experience the pleasure of meeting, without grief - you will not appreciate happiness. If there was a day of happiness, then there will be a night of bitterness, "O. Khayyam writes.

O. Khayyam's quotations about life teach us not to worry about the past and worry about the future, because life can not be shortened or lengthened - one must know the value of today's happiness.

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