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Army tattoos occupy a special place in theone of the oldest arts. As a rule, they are applied not in professional salons, but directly at the duty station. Features of the master's work in artisanal conditions make themselves felt: often instead of professional tattoo paint used clerical ink or a similar pigmenting substance. Each type of army has its own distinctive elements, is proud of them, honors established traditions. The paratroopers are not an exception; tattoos VDV carry their unique symbolism and unique images. And God forbid to find such a tattoo for someone who did not serve in the Airborne Forces!

Historical digression

It is noteworthy that the first soldier's tattoosappeared even under Tsar Peter I. Later, the Red Guards invented insignia directly on the skin - they punctured the five-pointed star on the forearm. In Soviet times, army tattoos were banned - it was believed that they could declassify the soldier. In modern Russia, the attitude to tattoos is quite loyal, and even military scouts are allowed to decorate their backs and shoulders with a bat image.

tattoos in two

Symbols of tattooing troops

The main sign by which you can identifyvedeveshhnika - the open dome of a parachute. There are often images of aircraft and helicopters. As in other branches of the armed forces, such symbols as images of automatic ammunition, fluttering ribbons with part number, army tokens with blood group and rhesus accessory are distributed in the Airborne Forces. The effectiveness of writing the group and rhesus is doubtful. The fighters themselves are confident that this can save lives in case of injury, but military doctors treat such signs is rather skeptical, preferring to double-check the information.

Those landing units, which are directly related to military intelligence, use for the image also the image of the bat.

Often you can meet other animals: tigers, lions, cats, wolves, dressed in landing berets and bared. The symbol of the skull, sometimes with wings, often becomes another motif for amphibious tattoos.

And, of course, the motto "Nobody except us!" Takes a special place.

tattoo on the shoulder

Localization on the body

Most often you can meet the airborne tattoo onshoulder. This is not surprising - because in the summer, this part of the body is often open for general review, and there are plenty of places - there is where to go for a walk. In addition, the figure so favorably emphasizes the expressive muscular relief.

Often army tattoos VDV adorn the mightybacks of fighters, ankles, neck, wrists. The knuckles and the ribs of the palms are not so tempting to paint the arts, but they are the best place for the laconic inscription "For the Airborne".

Landing Brotherhood

In the first place, the airborne tattoos are not intendedfor decoration. This special group of tattoos, rather, serves to be able to always and everywhere accurately determine their own. Increased decorativeness initially was not an obligatory element of army tattoos, rather, they were informative in nature. Although you should not think that among the artisan army tatuyshnikov completely amateurs! Some manage to create real masterpieces with the help of collected hastily machines and hand-made paint. And yet, even a completely ascetic inscription with the number of DSB will be the same subject of pride as the three-dimensional image of the landing party against the background of the rocky mountains.

army tattoos

Army tattoos of the Airborne Forces allow ex-servicemensoldiers unmistakably recognize their own. The main signs are the images of parachutes and the inscription "VDV". But, as the soldiers themselves say, they recognize each other first of all "not in shape and chevrons, but in the eyes." So expressive tattoos for many of them are, more likely, a tribute to the memory of the times spent in the unit, a reminder of military operations, a thread that forever linked front-line comrades.

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