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Gabriel Carteris is an American film actress andleader of the actor's trade union "SAG-AFTRA". The most famous role of the actress is Andrea Zuckerman in the early seasons of the television series of the 1990's Beverly Hills. In 2012, Carteris was appointed executive vice-president of the trade union "SAG-AFTRA", and after the death of President Ken Howard (March 23, 2016) Gabriel Carteris was elected in his place (from 09/04/2016 - to the present).

Gabriel Carteris

Biography, family and studies

Was born on January 2 in 1961 in the cityScottsdale (Arizona, USA). Mother Marlene worked as a realtor, and Father Ernest J. Carteris was a restaurateur (owned an elite restaurant). Gabriel Carteris has a twin brother whose name is James. Parents filed for divorce six months after the birth of Gabriel and James. Mother and children moved to San Francisco (California), where she soon opened her own children's clothing and accessories store. Visiting Redwood school in Larkspur, Gabrielle began to show interest in art. Here she studied ballet and participated in theatrical scenes and productions. At the age of 16 she acted as a mime in the biggest European tour.

In 1983, Gabriel Carteris graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and received a bachelor's degree in humanities.


By specialty, the girl did not work,because she wanted to realize herself in acting career. For this, she went to study in London. Here she graduated from the Conservatory Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

In 1990, Gabriel Carteris was cast inseries Beverly Hills and received the role of the heroine Andrea Zuckerman (editor of the school newspaper). Surprisingly, the 29-year-old actress played a 15-year-old (Gabrielle was the most adult actor). This image became famous all over the country, the actress began to be recognized everywhere and also to invite to various TV shows and social parties. Many fans of the series do not know that at the moment when the heroine of the series Andrea became pregnant, Gabriel really waited for the child. A year later, the actress left the television series "Beverly Hills", but in 1996 appeared in one mini-episode, and after - in the final picture. After leaving the project, Gabriel Carteris started working on her own talk show called "Gabriel", but it did not cause much success among American viewers and was closed after the first airtime.

Gabrielle Carteris actress

After the final of the series Beverly Hills, the actress continued to appear in other films. She became the mainstay of such youth television series as "Seduced and Deceived" (Seduced & Betrayed), "The Touch of an Angel", "King of the Hill", "The Police of New York" and "Think Like a Culprit."

Personal life

In 1992, the actress married a businessmanCharles Isaacs. In the marriage were born two girls - Kelsey Rose (1994) and Molly Elizabeth (1999). In March 2008, the People magazine published information that Gabriel Cartires was seriously injured during filming in 2006, which partially paralyzed her face and affected the speech. Six months later, actress Gabriel Carteris went on the mend.

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