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Everybody knows perfectly well that the Celestial Empire is China. Little is known about why this country is called that way.

Celestial is ...

In the original, that is, in Chinese, thisthe term sounds like "stretch". "Celestial" is the term used by the Chinese to refer to their country. Literally it can be translated as "under the sky" ("tian" - this is the sky, "xia" - below).

Celestial is China

What is the meaning of this word? To answer this question, you need to thoroughly delve into the basics of the Chinese worldview and attitude, and also recognize that it differs significantly from the European one. After all, the interpretation of this term is closely related to the cult of the sky, which is flourishing in China today.

The meaning of the word "Celestial"

The territory of China, due to the peculiarities of its geographical location, is isolated from the rest of the world. This is the main reason for the uniqueness of local culture and world outlook.

the meaning of the word "Celestial"

The cult of the sky originated in China very, very long time ago. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of this unusual country managed to preserve it, even if not in a religious context, but in a cultural context. It is the sky, according to ancient Chinese beliefs, is the source of the earthly life.

Chinese emperors have always been consideredmessengers, sons of Heaven, through which they fulfilled their will. Therefore, the power of the emperor, logically and obviously, extended to everything that is located under it. Thus, in the understanding of Chinese philosophy, the Celestial is civilization and the world order as a whole. Moreover, the Chinese under this word meant not only their lands, but also foreign, "barbarian".

In the narrow sense, the Celestial is everything that is under the Sky and is subject to the Chinese emperor.

In Beijing, all tourists immediately lead to thecalled the Temple of Heaven - the main structure in the city. It is a sacred object for every Chinese, interior decoration and beauty of the temple - just amazing. This building - once again confirms that the cult of the sky is relevant in this country so far.

The Celestial Empire is

The use of the term

The term "Celestial" in China was fixed inthe reign of the Zhou dynasty. However, in those times, as historian Yuri Pinness argues, he could only designate the central part of the whole empire. Over time, this term develops further and at a later time it appeared in several classical treatises - "Guo yu" and "Zuo zhuan."

Interestingly, in addition to China, the expression"Celestial" is actively used only in one country - in Russia. Indeed, it can often be found in books, travel guides, journal articles and Russian news releases. Where did this tradition come from in Russia? It is not known exactly.


Britain - "Foggy Albion", Japan - "CountryRising Sun ", Croatia -" The Land of a Thousand Islands ", China -" The Celestial Empire "... All these beautiful and imaginative names of states are actively popularized by writers and journalists, although in the case of the Celestial Empire - the Chinese themselves call their native country, sincerely believing the fact that they are closest to heaven.

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