Mountains in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany. Holidays in the mountains of Poland

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The mountain system of Europe is attractive fornumerous tourists who come here from all over the world. After all, a vacation spent in the mountains is one of the most correct solutions for organizing an excellent full-fledged holiday both in summer and in winter. What can be more beautiful than the delightful mountain landscapes combined with the amazingly clean air!

This article briefly presents mountains in the Czech Republic and Poland, Slovakia and Germany. Let's start with Poland.

mountains in Poland

General information about the mountain systems of Poland

The main mountain systems passing throughthe territory of Poland is the Carpathians and Sudeten. Also on the territory of this country are the low венwiętokrzyskie rocks. In general, the mountains in Poland stretch in the south of the country: Sudetes on the western territory, Carpathians - on the east. Here is the famous pass called the Moravian Gate, through which, in ancient times, he traveled from Northern Europe to the South Great Trade Route.

Carpathians stretch along the borders of Poland withthe state of Slovakia, and Sudetes - along the borders with the Czech Republic. The highest point of the Polish Carpathians, which is at an altitude of 2,499 meters, is the peak of the Rysa. This mountain peak is located in the High Tatras Mountains (the highest in Eastern Europe). In Sudeten, the highest point is the summit of Snezk (height - 1603 meters).

vacation in the mountains of Poland

Now let's take a closer look at the largest mountains.


The mountains in Poland and Slovakia (the Carpathians) in theirThe physico-geographical position is divided into the Southern, Western and Eastern. The Polish Carpathians almost completely belong to the Western Carpathians and only partially on the Ukrainian border are captured by the Eastern ones.

mountains in Poland and Slovakia

In turn, the Western Carpathians in the Polishterritories are divided into Beskydy and Tatry, the latter being distinguished among other Carpathian mountain ranges by a beautiful relief of the Alpine form and powerful height. The border of the Polish state with Slovakia passes along the main ridge of the Tatras. In comparison with the highest point of the Lynx, most of the other peaks reach marks from 1,700 to 2,300 meters.

At the northernmost foot of the Tatras, on the section of the intermountain hollow, there is a remarkable resort Zakopane.

Beskydy is the western mountain rangeThe Carpathians in Poland. For example, Beskid вецywiecki (1557 meters), Beskid High (1725 meters), Bekid Шląski (1257 meters) and others. They are located north, east and west of the Tatras.

At the very edge of Poland (southeast), at the borders with Ukraine and Slovakia, Beshchady (the highest point - 1348 meters), geographically related to the Eastern Carpathians, stands out.

All the mountains in Poland are very beautiful.


Western mountains stretching along the borderPoland with the Czech Republic, - Sudety. The highest of them is the Karkonosze (1603 meters - Snowball). As in the case of the Carpathians, geographic zoning divides Sudetes into three parts: Central, Western and Eastern. A characteristic feature of the ancient Sudetes is the presence of large intermontane basins and the smooth outlines of the slopes of most of the mountains.

Due to such uniqueness of the territory of Poland with numerous mountain ranges, this country attracts lovers of ski sports and hiking.

Tourists, going to the mountains in Poland for skiing or hiking, have the advantage of choosing the most different options to their liking.

The mountains of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The territories of the Czech Republic and Slovakia are also mostlyare represented by mountainous areas. On the western parts they are strongly destroyed and look like the mountains of Germany (medium-altitude), not exceeding 1500 meters. And to the east lies the mountain arch of the Carpathians, but much larger in height and younger in age. However, it, composed of sedimentary rocks, has rounded peaks and gentle slopes.

mountains in the Czechs and Poland

Only in some places where the rocks of the crystalline basement are observed, the mountain massifs have sharper peaks and quite steep rocks.

Mountains of Germany

Not only the mountains in Poland, but also the slopes of Germany attract tourists.

In these places the mountain system is very interesting inconnection with the presence of several large mountain ranges with remarkable nature and interesting hikes for tourists. The most extensive mountains - the Bavarian Alps, are in the south of the country and border with Austria. The highest point is the Zugspitz (height over 3000 meters). And the other peaks have heights of at least 2000 meters. And many of them are covered with snow.

mountains in the czech republic of germany

South-east of the country, where dense forests prevail and a huge number of mineral springs, is the peak of the Black Forest.

The large mountain range of the Hercyn Mountains extends over the Saxony districts. They are very popular with travelers, especially for visiting them in the summer.

Holidays in the mountains of Poland

Indestructible impressions leave the mountains of Poland, enchanting with their unique beauty. At their footsteps there are wonderful resting places.

Some of the most attractive resorts are:

  • The largest tourist center in PolandZakopane (the Tatras). There is a climatological station, a base for visitors to the magnificent National Park, a modern cable car to Gubalowka and a cable car to Kasprowy Ver, a large number of ski lifts, trampolines, a skating rink, a slalom track, a skating path. There is also an opportunity for cultural enlightenment: a museum and monuments of architecture.
  • Famous resort and ski center Bukovina Tatshant.
  • Health Resort Area - Szczawnica,It is very popular among fans of rafting rafts along the Dunaitsu River. Here is the starting point of wonderful excursions to the Penins (mountain range).
  • A large sports tourist resort withnumerous lifts for skiers, with trampolines, a cable car to the Maly Kopu mountain (1325 m high), with a climatological station, a museum of tourism and sports. There is also an ancient church (XVIII century), moved to these places from Norway.

vacation in the mountains of Poland


The mountains in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Slovakia are magnificent with their wonderful natural landscapes. And the mountains are all somewhat similar, and at the same time each has its own characteristics and charm.

All these countries are famous for their numerousski resorts, where tourists come from all over the world. These places provide opportunities for winter sports and just for a romantic getaway amidst a magnificent nature with amazingly clean mountain air in winter and summer.

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