How many stars on the flag of New Zealand and what do they symbolize?

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Somewhere on the edge of the world,its beauty is a small state of New Zealand. The endless green meadows, stretching to the foot of the mountains, amaze the imagination of every tourist and photographer. Bright contrasts of the watery surface of the Pacific Ocean, overgrown with luscious greenery of the vast land, snow-capped peaks of the mountains and azure sky - all this makes the Polynesian continent truly a paradise on the planet. On the New Zealand flag, in addition to the English attribute, or rather the Union Jack, there are also stars. In today's article it will be about them. How many stars on the flag of New Zealand? Where did they come from? Why they were placed this way? We will learn all this below.

History of the New Zealand flag

To answer the question about how many on the flagNew Zealand stars, you need to look into the story, or rather, tell us about how this flag looked originally. First, the state canvas of Polynesia looked a little different than it is now: on a blue background, in the left corner, 1/4 of the entire canvas was occupied by Union Jack. This explained the state's ownership of the UK. In the lower right corner there were two English letters NZ of red color. The designation of these letters is understandable - New Zealand. The blue background of the flag's cloth symbolized, as a few centuries ago, and now, the sea of ​​the state and its turquoise sky. The first version of the flag lasted for a short time (from 1867 to 1869). By the way, according to some information, this flag was used until 1902, when they approved the current version of it.

how many stars on flagen Zealand

Description of the flag of New Zealand

And now it's time to answer the question,how many stars on the flag of New Zealand. As mentioned above, in 1902 a new version of the flag of the Polynesian state appeared. It was decided to leave everything as is, but instead of letters to the right, add 4 stars. The color of these stars is the same as the letters on the canvas earlier, red. The stars themselves are framed by a white edging, and the size of each of them is significantly different.

why on the flag of new zealand 4 stars

Why on the flag of New Zealand 4 stars?

The flag was designed by Albert Markham - a travelerand the navigator (the ship's mate), he explained that the stars should point the right way to the sailors to New Zealand. It is well known that they are guided by the stars. The flag depicts the constellation of the Southern Cross, more precisely, its brightest stars. This idea was approved by the government, and the decision was adopted.

Now the questions about how many stars on the flag of New Zealand and where they came from will not stall, because we gave answers!

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