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English names of girls
Thanks to a significant amount of worldwidefamous English writers, as well as the wide dissemination of the culture of this country, English names (girls in particular) have long ceased to be something special and unusual.

Traditionally, the names of people from the British Islesconsist of three components: first name, middle name and last name. However, this was not always the case. Earlier, almost until the 18th century, the English used the more familiar form of one name and surname. This is due not only to the traditions of naming, but also to religious affiliation. In those days, the name for the newborn could only be taken from the church calendar, but the tradition of naming church clerics was widespread. As a result, the English names of girls began to be largely repeated. This, in turn, required the formation of a multitude of derived forms from the original dictations offered by the church.

Arrived in the XVI century on the lands of England, Puritanismhas left its imprint on the development of cultural traditions. Due to the fact that the newly converted Protestants tried to forget about the past of the Catholic faith as soon as possible, the names of the newborn children began to be selected from the popular names in those days, which were taken from the New and Old Testaments.

Beautiful English names of girls
From there, there were many beautiful English namesgirls, but some parents were not sufficiently attentive and literate, resulting in euphonious nicknames with unsightly interpretations. So, for example, there was a nickname Дилайла. This is the name of the girl who betrayed and sold Samson. Her actions can hardly be called plausible, however, the name has taken root, and quite a large number of girls of that era bore this name.

Around the same time, traditions aroseinvent names for their children. In the beginning, there were people who could not find a name suitable for their child. Later it became popular, and many parents wanted to separate their child from the crowd by means of an unusual name. However, this, like many radical measures, led to extremes. So there were unusual English names of girls: Faith-My-Joy, Everlasting-Mercy and others.

Over time, there was a mixture of setscultures, as a result of which many modern English parents call their children names borrowed from different languages ​​and cultures. For example, there were German, Arab, Turkish, Spanish, Italian and American names of girls in English. Of course, there is some discrepancy with the original - the names have passed the appropriate adaptation in accordance with the language traditions and the culture of pronunciation.

American girl names in English

Currently, the English names of girls are widely known and popular throughout the world. The following is a list of names and their meanings that have been most common in the past few years:

  • Alissia is a noble species;
  • Victoria is a conqueror;
  • Debra is a bee;
  • Karin is pure, chaste;
  • Marceline - warrior, regal;
  • Natalie is a birthday;
  • Austin is venerable;
  • Pearl is pearl;
  • Stephanie is the crown;
  • Hester is a star;
  • Charissa - grace;
  • Amy is very beloved.
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