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One of the most interesting and mysterious isthe secret of your name. Many by name try to unravel the character of a person and understand how to behave with him. For example, the name Artyom became very popular today. The secret of this name was discovered in ancient Greece. It is from there that it happens. In translation into Russian means "healthy". Previously, it was quite rare, but today it is found more often.

Little Artem

The secret of the name conceals under itself a beautiful comrade, calm and self-confident.

artem mystery of the name
He will always protect the weak and extend a helping handfriend. He does not aspire to be in the center of attention, but, thanks to his personal qualities, enjoys the authority of relatives and acquaintances. Artem is an independent and independent person. He is respected by older children and listens to his opinion. His sharp mind, insight and foresight help to make the right decisions. Artem usually has a fine physique. He does sports, athletics and enjoys going to the gym with pleasure. For the parents, this child is just a treasure. He will never refuse to help around the house, go to the store and see a sick grandmother. Sometimes he likes to speak out on various issues, and others should listen to him.

Adult Artem

The mystery of the name gives us the opportunity to talk about,that this person is friendly and calm. He always tries to tell the truth, because of what often gets into unpleasant situations. Not everyone can appreciate this quality. Artem can soberly look at the situation and make the right decision. He is a reliable friend, always ready to help in a difficult situation. He can tell everything, anything, including the most intimate secrets, and he will never betray them under any pretext. At the same time, Artem himself is very selective. His friend is not easy to become. He sees people right through. Those who are fortunate enough to become his friend can always rely on him.

the mystery of the name of Artem

Family life

The secret of the name of Artem is that hebeautiful family man. He cares about his family, always helps his wife around the house, goes with her for shopping. But it can not be called henpecked. He is able to defend his point of view and persuade others around him. He will not allow himself to be crushed. If children, spouse or colleagues try to force him to do what he does not want, Artem falls into depression.

At children Artem enjoys authority.They respect him and listen with pleasure. He likes to play with the kids, drive them to the zoo and buy all sorts of trivia. But it can not be called wasteful. He is not inclined to make ill-considered purchases and rush into the pool with his head.

the secret of your name

Professional activity

Artem, whose secret means hardcharacter, can achieve success in such areas as journalism, medicine, architecture, pedagogy. Virtually any region is subject to it. Diligence and logical thinking will help him build a career.


Build strong relationships and create a family Artem will be able to with Lyudmila, Anna, Larisa, Tamara. But with Maya, Zoya and Marina, the alliance is unlikely to be successful.

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