Goats on trees in Morocco - is it true?

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If you hear the expression: "Goats on the trees in Morocco" - then for sure you will think that this is complete nonsense. Let's deal with this!

What do goats do on trees?

In Morocco argan trees grow, fromfruits of which make very expensive oil, but not everyone knows how to make this oil. The thing is that argan trees are very big and prickly, it's not so easy to get to their fruits. Oddly enough, the goats that graze on these trees help the local people to harvest. When they eat fruits, they spit out the bones on the ground, and from there they are easily collected by the shepherds.

Goats in the trees - true or myth?

Of course, the first time to believe this story is difficult, and even when you look at photos where Moroccan goats graze on trees, it seems that this is Photoshop.

Goats in the trees in Morocco

But no! Goats on trees in Morocco do exist, and this is not a myth. This is due to the fact that in this country the arid climate and lack of green grass. At first glance, this is an amazing phenomenon, in which it is impossible to believe. In fact, goats by nature have a very good balance, acrobatic abilities and vitality. Even in such an arid climate, they have adapted to survive, to procure food in such an unusual way. Shepherds move the herd from one tree to another, and to see this unusual phenomenon, as dozens of goats gallop down trees, many tourists can.

How goats are kept in trees

Goats in the trees in Morocco - this is not a myth. In the arid climate of this country, goats were not very easy to survive and had to adapt to difficult conditions. You can find many illustrative photos showing how a goat grazes on steep mountain slopes and in other completely inappropriate places. It seems that they barely balance on their thin legs, but in fact it is not.

Goats in the trees in Morocco photo

The extraordinary jumping is provided byan interesting and unusual structure of the legs, which are not arranged in the same way as in other ungulates. Their hoofs are soft and rough, so they do not slip. Due to this, it is quite convenient for them to hold and balance on thin branches of a tree and not to fall from it. Not a myth, but reality - goats on trees in Morocco, photos and videos of tourists prove it.

Argan tree grows to a height of 10 meters andlooks like a huge branchy bush with many small shoots. The sharp sight given to the goats allows them to see even indistinct indentations and make a clear even jump, as if calculating the trajectory of their jump. Nobody has ever seen, for example, a mountain goat, fell down from steep rocky slopes.

In fact, goats in Morocco graze in trees and feed on the fruits of the argan tree, not only because they are forced to do this by lack of food, they also really love these fruits.

Where you can meet "flying goats"?

The fruits themselves look like small yellow plums,and taste bitter, people do not eat them, but uses it to make oil, which is widely used in medicine and medicinal purposes. It is added to cosmetics, used during massage, for the treatment of burns, scars, scars, lichens, hives, various dermatoses. The oil itself is used for food intake, but this depends on the degree of its purification. It is very expensive and rare, so that shepherds who graze goats-acrobats and collect valuable bones, have income not only from useful goat's milk, but also from the sale of the seeds of an argan tree. To prepare 1 liter of this oil, it is necessary to collect fruits from 7 trees. The cost of the finished oil can reach $ 400 per 1 liter.

Goats in Morocco are grazing in trees

This tree grows in two countries - Mexicoand Morocco. Their fruits like to eat not only goats, but also camels. "Flying goats" on trees in Morocco are most often found in the south-western part of the country, many tourists come here to admire this spectacle and capture it.

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