Jamal: the meaning of the name and its characteristics

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The fact that the person's name influences hisfate, nature and position in society, people have known for a long time. Therefore, at the time of paganism, many nations dedicated their children's names to the gods, who could protect the wards and grant them supreme mercy. Since then, much has changed, but in some names, people's desire to win supreme divine support is still guessed. The name Jamal belongs to this category.

Jamal value of the name

Origin of the name

The name is of Arab origin and canto be pronounced like Gamal, Yamil, Jimal, Jimal, Jalal, Jemal or Jamal. The meaning of the name in Islam is interpreted as "servant of Allah". Another, broader understanding of the divine manifestation in it is the meaning of "perfect" or "beautiful", which reflects all the best spiritual qualities bestowed on the Almighty.

But there is one more ancient meaning of the name -"The camel". And since the camel for many peoples living in the desert was the basis of existence, graciously sent to people by higher powers, this interpretation of the name shows the entire degree of respect for them.

Jamal is the meaning of the name in Islam

Name Jamal: the meaning of the name and the general description of its owner

Independence, love of life and purposefulnessnote the owners of this name. Jamal always solves independently the problems that have arisen on the path of life. Do not be afraid to take responsibility. By his nature, Jamal is a leader who, with his determination and reliability, inspires a feeling of security. His concentration, diligence and resourcefulness help to achieve the goal.

Stability and peace of mind - this is what Jamal particularly values. The value of the name endows him with prudence and discretion, so adventurism and spontaneous actions are alien to him.

Name Jamal for the boy

As a child, Jamal grows very active child,is distinguished by curiosity and perseverance. Trying to show independence, he wants to understand everything himself, so parents will have to be extremely cautious, so that in his attempts to learn the world the child does not fall into the hands of dangerous things.

Even in early childhood diligence andscrupulousness - these are notable qualities for the person who wears the name Jamal. The meaning of the name characterizes such a boy and as a very responsible person, so in school years he shows diligence in his studies.

With friends, Jamal maintains a warm relationship andenjoys their authority because they have leadership qualities. Despite the fact that the boy solves his problems himself and does not ask for help, others will come to the rescue on the first call. Jamal loves sports, especially martial arts, where the success of a fight depends not only on strength, but also on correct calculation. Of the school subjects, he is given more liberal arts. He reads a lot and knows a lot, so the company can always support an interesting conversation.

Jamal value of the name character and destiny

The fate of the wearer of the name Jamal

Jamal, the meaning of the name, character and destinywhich are considered in our article, having matured, becomes, as a rule, a bright and extraordinary personality. Since this person has leadership qualities, ingenuity and endurance, he always achieves the set goals. And Jamal can achieve particularly high results in jurisprudence, trade, education or social activities.

A freedom-loving bear of a name can be difficultexecute other people's orders, and he either becomes a leader himself, or works for himself, organizing his own business. In adulthood, he appreciates stability and peace of mind.

Jamal, whose meaning we are considering,and he works hard to achieve prosperity and provide the future family with everything necessary. He is distinguished by his responsibility and reliability, and if he decides to create a family, he comes to this very thoroughly. His chosen one, as a rule, has a set of virtues that men love so much in women: calmness, tenderness and caring.

The person carrying this name can not be calledtyrant, but in his family he is an absolute head - if a decision is made, it is pointless to challenge it. But the most loving and caring, but strict father is Jamal.

The meaning of the name indicates that it is collected anddiscipline, so he himself adheres to the order in the family and requires it from his household. Due to his perseverance and dedication, Jamal manages to educate not only obedient, but also successful children. He does not consider it necessary to pamper and rid himself of difficulties, so his sons grow up to be real men, worthy of their father. The daughter will be somewhat easier, although discipline and strict rules in the upbringing will still be present.

Name Jamal meaning of the name


The name Jamal corresponds to the number six, whichis a number of strong and hardworking people, and also symbolizes success and dedication. Owners of the six in the name can reach heights in any sphere of human activity, if they do not stop half way. The main obstacle for those under the influence of this number is their own laziness - only it can stop their victorious ascent to the intended goal.

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