Why the Ukrainian journalist Alena Berezovskaya moved to Russia

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To a young and beautiful girl to become outstandingjournalist, you have to go through a lot of obstacles. First, everyone needs to prove that beautiful and smart - compatible things. Secondly, around the young, beautiful and talented there is always a lot of rumors and gossip. It's hard for beauties, journalists, especially blondes, with high-ranking friends.

alyona berezovskaya

Alena Berezovskaya: biography

Alena was born on June 2, 1988 in Ukraine in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

She has been active and mobile since childhood, she liked to study and participate in various activities.

Berezovskaya did not think about her career as a journalist. Initially she studied at the Moscow Institute, got a degree in economics and social relations.

Alena received her first knowledge in the work of journalists at Interschool. There she studied for a journalist-producer.

The further destiny of the girl developed precisely in work on television and in journalism.

alyona berezovskaya

Career Alena

Alena initially worked in the online edition of Ukraine. She was engaged in journalistic investigations in medicine, conducted a survey in politics, economics and legal issues.

Since 2009, she has come to the "Questions" TV channel,where she became the author and host of the TV program "Obozrevatel'va.ua". Since 2011, she became the founder and chief editor of the newspaper in English The Kiev Times.

Alena also conducted her own program "Breakfast with Alena Berezovskaya" and was a member of the journalists of President Yanukovych.

When, during EuroMaidan, they overthrew Yanukovych's government, Alena, like many, moved to Russia. Here she again began to advance in the field of journalism.

In 2014, the information agency "Russia Today" launched a new project - an analytical publication "Ukraina.ru". Berezovsky became the chief editor there.

Also during the following year, under the leadership of Alena, documentary films were created that revealed the whole truth about the current Ukraine and EuroMaidan. These are the films:

  • "Puppeteers and actors of the Maidan". In this film, it is said that the Ukrainian state began to copy the policies of Western countries, that the government plays citizens and their opinions, like a puppeteer puppets. Here it is stated that the West is building Ukraine at its discretion, completely absorbing power.
  • "The right choice."
  • "Children of ATO".

Of course, the films did not please the Ukrainian authorities and all the supporters of Ukraine, so Alena Berezovskaya was on the list of sanctions of Ukraine for a year.

The girl took this normally, because in thatThe country that Ukraine is now is not going to return. Alena Berezovskaya is sure that soon relations between Russia and her homeland will be restored and everything will be fine again.

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Yanukovych and Alena in a close relationship?

In the recent past, when not yet occurredthe overthrow of Yanukovych from the post of president, Alena worked for him in the state. She was so close to the president that there were rumors that the journalist Alena Berezovskaya is the mistress of Yanukovych. Photos on which Alena is constantly in close proximity to the president, began to appear in various newspapers and magazines.

They wrote about the fact that in her 22 years the girl was able to build such a career due to the connection with the president.

Also, Alain constantly accompanied the president in all his trips abroad. This, too, led reporters to think about their novel.

All this news Alena Berezovskaya leftcomments. She wrote that Yanukovych is just a good friend of hers and supports her. She told me in an interview that he and the president's wife go to a church for service.

Few believed that the young and beautifulthe girl with her own strength and intellect paved the path to the top of her career. Of course, it's easier to believe that she has a high-ranking patron. In the end, all remained at the opinion.

alyona berezovskaya biography

Views of Alena on the present Ukraine

Alena Berezovskaya among manycitizens of Ukraine was against the fact that overthrew power. She calls Euramaidan a real terrorist operation. Alena against the current government and politics, she believes that her country's policy is built on the "base of fascist ideology."

Also Alain for the Greater Europe, more precisely, its part from Lisbon to Vladivostok. She is a supporter of traditional Christian values.

Also, Alena is confident that the relations between Russia and Ukraine should again become close. It advocates the strengthening of comprehensive ties between Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

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