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Every owner tries to decorate his caras best as possible, that it stands out from the total mass of the same machines. At the moment, this type of "upgrade" of the car, like the aerography of the body, is becoming more and more popular. Anyone can decorate his car with a drawing for every taste and preference, thus emphasizing the lifestyle.

But the technique of airbrushing is common not only for painting cars, it is often used for painting walls, nails and other objects. Let's consider each technique separately.

Art of airbrushing

In short, this type of activity is the application of a wide variety of color and black-and-white pictures and images on any surface and plane.

Many people wondering about what isairbrushing, think about brightly painted walls of houses, which at night decorated with canisters of local hooligans. But this is not so. If we go deep into this question, it becomes clear that airbrushing is an art that consists in applying a special paint to the surface with a special air spray.

For beginners, this kind of activity may seem very difficult, but with the constant practice you can overpower this science.

In order to draw a drawing on the surface, you should carefully calculate all your actions and the necessary materials - from image selection to deposition of the protective layer.

what is airbrushing

What is airbrushing on a car?

By spraying the paint, you can decorate the body of the machine even when painting can not be done with ordinary artistic means.

Beginners motorists first cover only a part of the body of the car, but in time they want to decorate the "iron horse" even better, and therefore the coverage area of ​​the pattern only increases.

To apply high-quality airbrushing to the car, you should contact qualified and experienced airbrush artists who have considerable experience in this business.

Cost of airbrushing

Wishing to thus allocate the car amongothers should be aware that such a way of decorating the car, when the entire body is covered with a pattern, is an expensive procedure that is sometimes comparable to the price of the car itself. However, in this case it is not worth saving, since from a poor-quality application, the appearance can only worsen, and either the paint should be washed off or the entire vehicle repainted.

The cost of this tuning is calculated immediatelyis not easy, because everything will depend on the amount of work and the number of small details in the figure. For example, to paint the hood of an average car, it will be necessary to 150-350 dollars, and all cars - 1000-3000 dollars.

If a professional is involved, then, of course, the cost will be high, and the work will be done at least one month. But the result will surpass all your hopes.

Some car owners, wishing to save money,Learn this art yourself. And soon they succeed in painting not only their cars, but also other cars. Thus, aerography on cars for them becomes an additional business, bringing a good income.

Tools and materials

Without a careful selection of the necessary equipment, a qualitative drawing will not come out, no matter how artist the person may be. The basic set for painting includes:

- Compressor for airbrushing;

- sprayer;

- paints and thinner;

- raw materials for polishing, varnish and degreaser.

In addition, you can use:

- special filters for the nebulizer;

- Hoses or tubes;

- pressure controllers;

- colored markers and eraser.

aerography technique

Method of application

Technique of applying paint through a spray gun withUsing air helps to understand what airbrushing is. Air is supplied by the compressor, however, cans with paint or compressed air can be used instead.

To apply a high-quality imageprovides an apparatus that mixes air with dyes. But it happens that they use an ordinary atomizer. Most often it is used to create a background or sections of a drawing that does not require a clear image.

In the process of work, it is very important how accurately the compressor for airbrushing is set up, since the final result of the whole picture depends on it.

In special nebulizers, calledairbrushes, there is a narrow hole (about 0.3 mm) through which the paint enters. Therefore, they only work with liquid dyes. If any other paints are used, they should be premixed with solvents.

aerography on cars

What is airbrushing on nails?

This type of image application for manicureis a very scrupulous, highly professional work. Only having experience and qualifications, a specialist can create a nail art masterpiece.

Typically, the drawing of the picture on the nails takes half an hour, but if the customer chose a complex image, the time for the procedure may be delayed.

There are different types of drawing drawings for manicure with the help of an airbrush:

- on each nail the part of the image that is added to the overall picture is executed if the fingers are connected together;

- use of airbrushing with rhinestones;

- for festive situations, together with the main colors in the airbrush is added a little glitter.

The accuracy of the drawing on nails produced by aerographic equipment is much higher than the images applied by an ordinary brush.

what is airbrushing on nails

Decoration of walls by artistic drawing

The described type of activity can be decorated not only cars, but also the walls of apartments and houses.

Ordinary wall decoration materials, such asas paints, plastic and wooden profiles, wallpaper, have long bored people. They need something new, fashionable and modern. For this purpose, an aerographic finishing of an apartment is suitable.

What is airbrushing on the walls? This transfer of artistic compositions on the walls, ceiling and floor of houses and flats of customers. Such drawings and images are produced with a special liquid paint and applied using a stencil and spray.

Registration of apartments with the help of similar technologyhe is only 5-6 years old. However, it is gaining more and more admirers and supporters among people who do not just want to make another repair at home, but turn their dwelling into a colorful gallery of paintings.

Previously, images were applied to wallsordinary sprayers or cans, but the quality of the pattern was low. In our time, airbrushing technology has changed significantly, and the picture is made with a special atomizer, called an airbrush, which allows to achieve high image accuracy, down to the smallest details.

what is airbrushing on the walls

Types of application technologies

Types of airbrushing depend on many factors: from the severity of the performance of work, the number of small details that decorate the main picture, from the setting of the air compressor and much more. But basically in practice there are two types of drawing:

- Monochrome mode - an image is drawn on the main background of the car, wall or other surface. The work is performed by one or several shades of different contrast.

- Multicolored way - drawing is done in different shades and colors.

Also, there are different methods of drawing a drawing on the surface, explaining what airbrushing is. The main ones are:

- Classics are an expensive method of patterning orpictures, but also more qualitative. The clarity of the image of all the parts is amazing. This style of painting uses special nitro-colors, which do not burn out from exposure to sunlight and various weather influences.

The classical style of application guaranteesthe durability of the pattern, so that airbrushing on cars, as on walls or other surfaces, can be periodically polished and wiped without damage to the image.

- Tape method - surfaceis pasted with a film on which this or that drawing is drawn. This method, although cheaper than the previous one, is however short-lived, because under the influence of the environment the film will begin to deteriorate and flake off the base.

But in this style there is a plus: if the film has come unstuck, it can be replaced by pasting another image on its own.

what is airbrushing on the car

Varieties of styles

Airbrush styles reflect the nature of the owner of a car, apartment or any other thing, as well as the credo of a person's life. As a rule, they are divided into three types:

- Luminescent - with the help of a specialthe dye is written with a picture that is seen as an ordinary image in the daytime, and at night it creates a different effect. This work is very complex and expensive, so this style is fond of true connoisseurs of such an "upgrade" of their cars and apartments.

- Pseudoaerographic style - master pastesa film with a picture of vinyl, which in appearance does not differ from the drawing applied to the surface. In addition, this film protects the car's varnish from ultraviolet radiation and small pebbles. It can be removed at any time without any difficulties and problems. Before sticking, you should thoroughly clean the surface and clean it of grease, dust and debris, so that the film does not flake off.

- Volumetric style - the master at the time of applying the picture uses 3D elements, then it all varnishes, and the drawing becomes “alive” and voluminous.

airbrushing styles

Summary of the review

So what is airbrushing? This is a great option not only to bring freshness and beauty into your life, but also to stand out from the crowd. In addition, the car, decorated with this method of finishing, is rarely stolen, as it is very remarkable.

It is quite simple to care for airbrushing: you should only wipe the design with a dry cloth and protect it from various mechanical damages, sometimes polishing so that the luster does not disappear from the image.

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