Britney Murphy: the cause of death of the Hollywood star

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Our heroine of today is Britany Murphy. Cause of death, photo actress and details of her biography - all this you will find in the article.

Britany Murphy cause of death


Sharon - that's the real name of Brittany Murphy. The cause of the death of the actress will be announced later. In the meantime, turn to her biography. The Hollywood star was born on November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her family could not be called prosperous. Britanni's father is a criminal authority. He has three convictions and multiple administrative violations. He left the family when Brittany was barely 3 years old.

Together with her mother, the girl moved to the town of Edison, New Jersey. There she attended school. No problems with the teachers, nor with the studies of Britannia was not.


At the age of 9, our heroine began to showhis acting talent. Mom immediately noticed this and gave her a daughter to the local drama theater. Britannia participated in performances and musicals. By the age of 13, the girl even had a manager who drove her through the casts. Soon the pretty blonde concluded her first contract. For the filming in the commercial for "Pizza Hut" Britney and her mother went to California. There they remained to live.

Brithani actress Murphy cause of death

Film career

Young beauty was shot in advertising. In 1991, she was invited to television in the show "Flowering". The teenage girl was happy and with such a small role. In the same year she appeared in the television series "Class Drexell."

The real popularity of our heroine broughtthe role of Tei Fraser in the youth comedy "stupid". The picture was released in 1995. After that, producers and directors literally overwhelmed Britain with proposals for cooperation.

In 1998, the blonde received a major role in thedrama "David and Lisa". And this picture brought her considerable success. In 1999, another movie with Murphy's participation was released. It was called "Interrupted Life". Colleagues Britney on the court were Angelina Jolie and Vanona Ryder.

In the period from 2000 to 2009, our heroine starred in dozens of films and serials, including "City Girls" (2003), "Bachelor Party" (2006), "The Line of Death" (2009).

Personal life

The fair-haired beauty always attracted men. In her youth, she regularly had stormy novels. But there was no talk of serious relations. In the future, the personal life of Britannia was connected with the cinema. In 1993, she met with the star of the youth series "SeaQuest DSV" by Jonathan Brandis.

On the set of the picture "The sidewalks of New York" the blondemet with David Krumholtz. Their sympathy was mutual. At various times, American tabloids attributed Britney Murphy novels with rapper Eminem, actor Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities. Our heroine did not confirm, but did not refute this information. She just did not want journalists to interfere in her personal life.

Britany Murphy cause of death photo

Actress Brittany Murphy: the cause of death

This bright, talented and cheerful girldreamed of a big family and a cozy home. She had grandiose plans for the development of film career. But, apparently, God did not hear the prayer of Brittany Murphy. The cause of the death of the actress is still unknown to many.

Hollywood star was not on December 20, 2009. The brittle body of Britannia was discovered by her mother. The woman went into the bathroom and turned pale with terror. Her beloved daughter was unconscious. Mother tried to bring her to her senses, but it did not work. Then she called the rescue service. Arriving at the place the doctors tried to reanimate the actress on the spot and on the way to the clinic. But they failed to save Britney Murphy. The cause of death is a heart attack.

On December 24, 2009, a popular actress was buried in the Hollywood Hills. To say good bye came friends, relatives and colleagues in the shop.


We talked about where she lived, studied and how she got into Britannie Murphy's movie. The reason for the death of the actress was also voiced by us. Eternal memory to her ...

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