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Since ancient times, the beauty of presentation and simplicitythoughts were considered the highest virtue. It is hardly possible to find a person who does not think that owning a word is very important. One can cite the words of an ancient sage, Aristotle, who said that if you want to know a person, you just need to talk to him.

Even at the end of the XIX century, linguists have already begunsay that the level of the culture of speech is declining. For example, D.E. Rosenthal believes that the literary language is very strongly influenced by the verbal and even slang vocabulary. Unfortunately, the level of development of communication skills among modern youth has greatly decreased, accordingly, the level of speech ownership has significantly decreased.

Speech errors

Norms of the literary language undergo a large number of violations. They are allowed even by politicians and journalists. What kind of violations are meant? These are jargon, common words, borrowed words.

Speech errors are violations of the use of words,or rather their forms, their meanings, grammatical constructions, as well as violations of the norms of the Russian literary language concerning orthoepy, grammar or vocabulary.

Speech deficiencies include those shortcomingsspeech, which are associated with a poor selection of various expressive means of speech, refer to lexical repetitions or even the use of some superfluous words, as well as stamps, monotony, poverty of syntactic constructions, misuse of current verbal relations, and so on.

Speech errors are two groups:actually speech and grammatical. Grammar breaks the structure of words, and verbal ones themselves violate the correctness of the use of linguistic units in this or that context. That is, they are not structural errors associated with the formation of words, but functional, related to use.

Speech errors are

Speech errors can be divided into several categories:

  • lexical;
  • morphological;
  • syntactic;
  • stylistic;
  • communicative.

Let's talk about some speech mistakes that occur most often.

Often they arise because the speakerpeople just do not understand and do not know the meaning of a word or even a few. It can be, for example, borrowed words. One can give an example of a life situation when, without knowing, people called the travel agency "Phobos-S", when this word means "fear". The real estate agency is Deimos, when the word "horror" means it. People do not even think about the meanings of the words they use.

It should be said about such an error as incorrectthe formation of forms of nouns, for example: "The firm does the analysis of the economy of enterprises" - and after all the tests are done in the hospital and polyclinic. The proposal should read: "The firm does an analysis of the economy of enterprises."

Speech errors in advertising

Unfortunately, the question is quite relevant,This is about the speech mistakes that we hear in advertising. Because of this, the incorrect pronunciation spreads with incredible speed, plunging the culture of the Russian language into darkness. Speech errors in advertising - a very common phenomenon, which, unfortunately, hard to eradicate, because really literate people in terms of linguistics is very small.

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