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It is said that the name of a personinfluence on how his fate will develop. Of course, each of us scrupulously buys his happiness and believes only in his strength, but the wisdom of his ancestors should not be discounted. History knows a lot of cases when people changed the names given to them at birth, to others, and their lives changed radically. Is it not proof that the name is inextricably linked with fortune? That is why his choice should not be treated simply as a set of sounds, but as a symbol of luck, happiness and harmony. In this article we will talk about when to celebrate Angel Day to people named Kirill.

Cyril's name day

Between the two calendars

Many people celebrate Christmas holidays, while not knowing what kind of holiday it is. In fact, it is a day in which the memory of that saint is honored, in honor of which a person is baptized.

Names of Cyril are celebrated more than once a year. The day of the angel among people with this name happens almost in each of 12 months, and besides several times. This is due to the fact that all Orthodox believers in the Lord and the Savior, use at once two calendars - Julian (old) and Gregorian (one that is now used everywhere).

The Julian calendar was used in Russia until 1918year and the day when the Bolsheviks, having overthrown the old authority and rejected the church, introduced a new Gregorian calendar. In our time, the difference in dates for these two calendars is 13 days. Thus, the name day of Cyril according to the Orthodox calendar in accordance with the new system of calculating time is noted:

  • 31 January;
  • 8, 17 and 27 February;
  • 22 and 31 March;
  • 3 and 11 April;
  • 11, 17 and 24 May;
  • 22nd of June;
  • 22 July;
  • 20 November;
  • 21 December.

Before the introduction of the Gregorian (that is, modern) calendar of the birthday of Cyril on the church calendar, noted:

  • 18 and 26 January;
  • 4 and 14 February;
  • 9, 18, 21 and 29 March;
  • 28 April;
  • 4 and 11 May;
  • the 9th of June;
  • 9 July;
  • 7 November;
  • 8 December.

If you compare all of the above dates, you can see that now Cyril's name-days on the Orthodox calendar come 13 days later than it was almost 100 years ago.

Cyril's name-day on the Orthodox calendar

Winter Christmas Day

And do you know, in honor of which saint now use the name Cyril? Name days are not just a reason for congratulations, but also a time to honor the memory of your guardian angel.

December 21 is the day of the memory of St. Cyril Chelmogorsky, famous for having converted many pagans to Christianity. He also built a temple and a monastery in honor of the Epiphany of the Lord.

Cyril's name day in the church calendar

On January 31 we honor the saint CyrilAlexandrian - one of the most influential figures in church history, a gifted theologian, an extraordinary and energetic person. It was he who fought with all his strength the heresy of Nestorius, the Syrian, who taught that God is the spirit that dwelled in Jesus Christ, and Mary did not give birth to the Lord, but from the ordinary man, therefore, should be called the Christ-Bearer.

The names of Cyril, falling on February 8, isthe memory of the Holy Martyr Cyril, Metropolitan of Kazan and Sviyazhsky. He was a very charismatic personality and attracted people like a magnet. He was listened and worshiped for his love and unshakable faith in the Lord, as well as for direct utterances and inner light. Cyril of Kiev was one of the first to introduce national singing in church services in order to fully integrate people to the church.

February 17 revered the memory of the Monk Cyril of Nyzogorsk, who built two churches: in the name of the Most Holy Theotokos and in the name of the Resurrection of Christ.

The names of Cyril, celebrated on February 27, is a day of memory of the holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Cyril, the teacher of Slovene, who, together with his brother Mefody, invented our alphabet.

Spring Christmas Day

March 22 is the day we pay tribute torespect to one of the forty warriors-martyrs Cyril of Sevastia, who took a cruel death in the name of Christ. He, along with 39 soldiers, was stripped naked and driven into the ice-bound lake by the Gentile Romans. Nearby heated the bathhouse, where you can keep warm, only having broken away from Christ. After a while, the Romans saw that the soldiers did not freeze, and in anger they killed their legs and burned alive.

name of the Cyril of the Name-Day

March 31 - the birthday of Cyril of Jerusalem, the hierarch and archbishop, who dedicated his life to fighting the Arian and Macedonian heresy.

April 3 is the day of remembrance of the apostle Peter's disciple, St. Cyril of Catania, Bishop of Sicily Catania.

April 11 - the name day of the martyr Cyril deacon.

May 11 revered St. Cyril of Turov - a wonderful preacher and an outstanding writer who performed many feats for the glory of the church.

May 17 - the birthday of Cyril Alfanov, who together with his brothers founded the Sokolnitsk Monastery in Novgorod.

Summer and Autumnal Christmas Eve

June 22 - the day of the memory of St. CyrilBelozersky, one of the most significant Old Russian saints. Kirill Belozersky is not only the creator of one of the most authoritarian charters, but also the founder of the Belozersky monastery.

July 22 - the name day of the Holy Martyr Cyril, who was the bishop of Gortinia for 50 years. He was beheaded at a very old age for the Christian faith.

On November 20, the relics of the Monk Cyril of Novozyorsk are celebrated.

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