Aikhrizron - the flower of love and the protector of family happiness

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The room world of plants is endowed with manysuperstitions and accepts. Handsome Aihrizon is revered as a tree of love. It is believed that if it is well-groomed, caressed, develops well, has fresh leaves, then the house reigns and love. If you want to make sure of this, grow this family talisman yourself. To do this, take one leaf or a small twig, sprinkle the wound on the site of the cut with wood ash and, holding five hours in a dark, planted in moist sand, and cover the top with a jar to ensure high humidity during the rooting period. The ability to reproduce in a love plant is very high, but that's the way it should be, is not it?

The room flower of love aihrizon prefers notDirect, scorching sun's rays, wounding its leaves, and scattered and gentle light. He does not have any diseases and he is not afraid of pests, only wrong care can destroy him. It looks like a bush with fleshy, filled with juice and slightly fuzzy leaves in the form of a heart, which grow rosettes on the tops of tender and curled twigs.

The height of the bush and shades of leaves servedistinctive features between the fifteen species that are in the genus, called in the people so: the tree of love. The flower of the family and happiness blooms in the early spring with cream-yellow flowers, collected in shavings. Rounded pretty leaves harmonize our state, because they actively accumulate positive energy, and the sockets emit it into space as transmitting devices.

Flower of Love

It is safe to keep the ayrzonon on the western andeast direction of the windows, and on the southern windowsills it is necessary to arrange diffused light, hung, for example, a tulle curtain. Approximately from October to the middle of spring, the flower of love, full of sunlight and warmth, wants peace and coolness. It should be set farther away from the heaters, but the temperature should not be allowed to drop below 10 degrees, because it will begin to actively lyse, discarding its cute leaves.

Room flower of love
Flower of love can pass on to the florist,who cares for him, their feelings. For example, he is very fond of watering, but suffers from an excess of moisture in the soil. How correctly to determine its need for a liquid? You need to open your hand wide and gently push the crown. If the ayrzron is satisfied with the state in which it is located, then its foliage will spring, the palm will feel a pleasant freshness. If the soil is not sufficiently moistened, the crown will weaken as a weakened organism, and the hand will not feel the joyful release of energy.

 Tree of love flower
If you have not watered the flower of love for a long time, thena sharp abundant watering can ruin it just as people die of starving people, having eaten until full. Begin to correct the situation gradually, pouring water into the pot in small portions. It is not necessary to water it after transplanting in a pot on a permanent place for five days. And it is very dangerous to wash it in the shower in the winter. This can be done only in the summer, and in the cold season you just need to sweep the dust with a soft and fluffy broom.

In order for your flower love reallybecame a magical talisman, stick to all the folk traditions. Start with the fact that the landing material is secret (steal a piece of paper) or buy, giving him a decent amount.

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