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Many people are interested in the average salary in Europe.Unfortunately, in Russia this indicator leaves much to be desired. And the European statistics makes us wonder and rejoice over the inhabitants of the countries of this part of the world.

average salary in europe

The main indicator of welfare

It is not for nothing in the whole world that the size of the averagewages - one of the main indicators of how happy the country is. This is indeed so. In any case, statistics is an excellent indicator of the level of economic development. And it is this indicator that calculates the richest and most successful countries. A rating of these states is also drawn up. The average wage is calculated in this way: the income of a family consisting of four people (two adults and two children) is taken into account. For example, in 2014 Turkey became the country with the lowest income level. And the status of the most successful state in this plan was given to Luxembourg.

level of salaries in Europe

The most profitable professions

Speaking about the level of salaries in Europe, it should besay about which professions are the most popular and highly paid. Great success and, correspondingly, large incomes are achieved by people who know a lot about IT technologies. To date, this specialty is one of the most profitable. Following the rating are socially significant professions. Doctors, strangely enough, get quite a lot of money. Especially those who work in private clinics. Dentists, surgeons, pediatricians, veterinarians - their work is paid very highly. Subject teachers also receive good salaries. Teachers of universities can not be considered one of the wealthiest people in Europe at all. But accountants, lawyers, managers (the most popular specialties in the CIS, by the way) can expect a more modest salary.

minimum wage in europe

About minimum indicators

For Russians, it's not new that people in Europereceive much more than in our country. Recently there were data for the current year 2015. The minimum wage in Europe is not the same in different states.

But speaking in general, in European countriesthe government is trying to ensure a decent standard of living for its residents. For example, in the Netherlands on January 1, 2015, the minimum wage is 1501 euros per month, in Germany - 1473 €, in Ireland - 1461 €. In France, you can receive a minimum of 1457 euros per month, and in the UK - 1378 €.

Of course, wages in European countries with a highthe level of development is much greater than in the southern and eastern parts of the continent. In Slovenia, for example, the minimum wage is 790 euros per month. Spain is not happy, too, in which the economic crisis reigns. There is not a very high average salary (in Europe there are almost no such low rates), and the minimum is small at all - only 756 euros. Even less than in Slovenia. And, of course, Greece. There the minimum salary is 683 euros.

salary in the countries of Europe

The average salary in Europe and the ranking list of countries

So, the first in the list is Liechtenstein.In this country, the highest average salary in Europe. And the figure is more than 5100 euros per month per person. Next in the ranking is Monaco. There, people get around 4,500 euros a month. The third place is occupied by Switzerland - in this state the average figure of the ZP is about four thousand euros. Then comes Norway. The difference with Switzerland in the figures is about 500 euros - in the Scandinavian country the average salary is equal to 3,500 euros. In the fifth place is the small state of Luxembourg with an indicator of 3200 euros. Then follows Denmark (3100 euros), after it - Finland. Countries such as Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands are already at the bottom of the rating. Their average salary ranges from 2,200 to 2,100 euros per month. Not a very big difference. Followed by France, Austria and Iceland. And, strangely enough, in the last place is Germany, which is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Despite the fact that the average salary there is only 2000 euros per month, Germany retains its status as a great power. All because there are few people get an average salary. The population in this state is well provided, disciplined and knows how to earn money. Plus, in Germany, not such big taxes as in other states. This also affects the level of people's security.

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