Contradictory Dmitry. Origin of the name and its meaning

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Certainly, a lot of things in our culturemigrated from Greek, and some names are also no exception. Among them - Dmitry. The origin of the name is associated with the ancient Greek god Demetra, which was in special esteem among the Greeks. On the meaning of this name and talk.

Origin of the name Dmitry

dmitry the origin of the name

Ancient Greek goddess Demeter, who lived on the mountainOlympus, was the embodiment of Mother Earth's love for her children, as well as fertility. It was Demeter who was responsible for the harvest and flowering, for falling asleep all living in winter and for resurrecting life in the spring! From Demeter and was formed in his time the name of Dmitry. The origin of the name is pretty straightforward. Demetriss is the one who belongs to the goddess Demeter! As you know, the ancient goddess of fertility and land admitted to herself not all. To do this, you need to be elected, and Dmitry is like that!

Name Dmitry. Value

The origin of the name, as we have already found out,raises Dmitry to Olympus - home of ancient gods and goddesses! Well, is not he elected? Moreover, Dmitry is the humble of this world! The energy of his character inclines Dima to calmness and patience. It also happens that the silence lasting longer than it is necessary, and humble humility can turn into a real explosion. This can become dangerous for the people around you. What do you want? Nobody even said that Dmitriy - restrained people! They are more like rebels! Although...

As a child, Dima will suffer from hisan unstable nervous system. These are moody boys, prone to colds. With age, Dima's caprice turns into some kind of stubbornness. However, soon he becomes calmer, ceases to be ill constantly.

the name of Dmitri meaning origin

Perseverance combined with ingenuitymakes Dmitry a real hard worker. He is not afraid of any labor, everywhere he shows his ingenuity. He becomes sociable with people. By the way, it can bring its own fruits - respect from the authorities and colleagues. In the end, this person is also able to easily survive their failures, as well as deftly communicate with others. That's it, Dmitry!

The origin of the name obliges Dima to be on his headabove their potential opponents and associates, and also to go one step ahead of them. In principle, he copes with this well. This helps him to make a career, so for his future, Dimam does not have to worry. In addition, they themselves are not averse to beginning to teach other people.

the origin of the name dmitry

Dmitry - pretty strong-willed nature!If he sees that something is being done not as he needs, there is a real explosion! In addition, this man is a wonderful ally and a most dangerous enemy. Never forget this, having any business with Dmitry!

Horoscope for Dmitry

The origin of the name is necessarily associated with his horoscope. The stars do not slumber! We will find out what they have prepared for Dima.

  • His sign of the Zodiac is Scorpio. And this is understandable, because Dmitry's character is explosive.
  • Its planets are Saturn and Pluto.
  • The colors that match this name are steel, purple and brown.
  • The totem animal is a walrus with huge and powerful fangs.
  • Flowers of Dmitry - chrysanthemums. In addition, he can bring happiness to a branch of mountain ash.
  • The talismans for this name are the following: red and black opal and lapis lazuli, set in silver.
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