Sofia is a name whose meaning determines the character

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This name has an ancient Greek origin and is translated as "wisdom", "wise" or "wisdom". According to another version, it means "science" and "intelligence".

Sofia is a name whose full meaningdetermines the character of its possessor. She grows a kind, beautiful, obedient, quiet and easy-going girl. She is not particularly gullible to strangers, but she is always ready to help in another's grief.

sofia name value

You can always rely on little Sonya. She always shelters a homeless cat and dog at home. Already from an early age she tries to be independent and useful in everything. Sofia grows in a gentle and refined nature. Wise attitude to any circumstances from childhood to old age allows her to live interesting and informative.

From Sofia, a confident girl grows up, who knows exactly what she wants in this life. With age, she becomes an intelligent woman with a strong character.

Sofia is a name whose importance is alsocharacterizes his possessor as a person capable of making a good career. The goals that this woman sets herself, she, as a rule, achieves always quite quickly. At the same time, she chooses the most simple way to her dream, using the strengths of her character. Sofia is communicative and easily enters any team. She performs her work on conscience, is highly regarded as an expert.

name sophia value

Sofia is a name whose importance in many respectsdetermines the attitude of its owner to the surrounding people. She always knows what she's saying, and she never says too much. However, for Sofia it is also very important to be listened to herself.

She can easily find a common language with almost any person. Sofia will help to judge the arisen disputes and disagreements between people. She can always give good advice.

Sofia is a name whose meaning characterizes itsowner as well as a good hostess. She carefully follows her home and family. Sofia prepares perfectly, and it will not be difficult to spend a merry feast for her. She dresses well, her clothes are always tastefully chosen. For her man, she watches as well as for herself.

But, on the other hand, she does not succeed inalways, because her husband Sophia does not perceive as an object of adoration, but as an addition to her image. The main role in the family always goes to a woman who bears the name of Sophia.

the meaning of Sofya's name

The value of horoscopes, of course, does not always matchwith reality, but in the case of names everything is different. The facts speak for themselves: this name was worn by Queen Sophia, who with a firm hand held Rus during her reign. It is also the name of a scientist and a mathematician, whose works have brought many benefits to science. A great influence on her character was the significance of the name. Sofya Sergeevna Ignatova - a famous actress, TV presenter and singer - achieved fame also due to her character and stubbornness.

From the negative side of the owner of thisname can be distinguished by excessive amorousness. For the sake of new feelings she is able to give up everything, even the family. In sex, Sophia is temperamental and easily excitable. The art of love prefers long foreplay and complete dedication to the partner, but in return requires the same. After sex, she will wait for admiration and adoration. Sophia is easily offended by mere neglect, she must certainly feel needed. Sometimes for this purpose there are enough gentle words and kisses.

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