Are thermal engines and environmental protection compatible?

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So the person is arranged - trying to know the world,he always noticed the laws of phenomena and events, eventually removing from them increasingly complex physical laws of life. Today physics is one of the basic fundamental sciences. Without it, there would simply be no modern technology. It allowed to develop a theoretical basis for almost all processes related to energy - from geological exploration of resources and their extraction to transformation, distribution and consumption. Thermodynamics, electromagnetism, mechanics and even the theory of relativity have long served not only as a theoretical basis, but also help the practical supply of mankind with various kinds of energy.

principles of environmental protection

Energy has never been a blessing. Extraction of fossil energy resources, their processing, produced by-products, emissions that even familiar heat engines give to all and environmental protection have always been interconnected. To the threat to human health does not block the benefits of progress, it takes a lot of efforts of scientists and engineers. The laws of the same fundamental physics say that there is no wasteless technology, and therefore harm to nature will necessarily be caused, whether in the form of gas emissions, greenhouse effect, oil film in the ocean, etc.

pollution and environmental protection

The processes of energy development can not be stopped -so unquestioningly she entered our life. Therefore, developers only have to try to minimize pollution - and environmental protection is always a priority in the energy sector. This means not only the development of new technologies for energy production (solar, water, wind, space and thermonuclear), but also the improvement of long-established mechanisms. The mentioned heat engines and environmental protection in this regard are also related. Different countries have unequal needs for energy consumption and environmental restrictions for the development of applied energy. In any case, even when developing the very concept of working with energy resources, the principles of environmental protection should be considered the basis for any undertaking.

For example, take the same heat engine -A device capable of converting the internal energy of a certain type of fuel into mechanical work. The designs of such engines have been invented a lot, their appointments are also numerous. From internal combustion engines available in each of the billions of cars, to steam turbines of thermal power plants and various types of jet engines. Realizing how widespread thermal engines are, and environmental protection is a global problem, because their negative impact is also huge. Many scientists argue that it was the emissions of these mechanisms that eventually led to global warming. And if not to reduce pollution in the future, it can become the end of mankind or of all life on the planet.

thermal engines and environmental protection

After decades of pollution of the atmosphere, soils andthe person realized the harm from his activity. We already see how inextricably linked thermal engines and environmental protection. We already know how to reduce the negative impact a little by using expensive technologies. But this is clearly not enough. Scientists, engineers and inventors should hurry to have time to save our Earth from the products of people's activities and their technology. After all, science says that there is such a "point of no return", on the achievement of which the negative climate processes on the planet will be irrevocably launched. Unfortunately, some experts say that this point has already been passed and now the end of humanity is only a matter of time. But we want so much to believe that it is not too late - and we will be able to save the world and ourselves in it.

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