What was the name of the younger daughter Borodina and who was her father?

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Ksenia Borodina is a well-known TV presenter, a namewhich is inextricably linked with the TV project "Dom-2". Despite the busy schedule, the abundance of filming for television and print media, this woman manages everything. She has the strength and time not only for a stormy personal life, but also for a happy motherhood. At the end of last year, in one of the capital's maternity hospitals, the second daughter Borodina was born. How was the baby named and who is the happy father?

A public person should have something personal!

Daughter of a beard
Xenia Borodina never liked to talk muchabout his personal life and to be frank in the interview. The star is known for the fact that even on general questions about the family and its close relations answers abstractly. His first wedding, Xenia, and completely concealed from the public. On the second wedding of the star, the journalists nevertheless learned at once, perhaps the whole thing is in the greater scope of the celebration. July 3, 2015, Xenia Borodina second time married. The chosen person was businessman Kurban Omarov. Fateful acquaintance of the stellar couple took place several years ago, the novel developed rapidly and the offer of the hand and heart Xenia received on her birthday, just a few months after the beginning of the romantic relationship. The wedding was celebrated at the highest level, only after a couple of months the press stopped paying special attention to this event and the newlyweds personally.

Second child: the plan is fulfilled

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At the time of registration of his second marriage Xeniaalready had a growing up daughter from the first. However, as they say, happiness should be complete, and the family - great. The expectation of replenishment of the spouse hid for a long time. Only at a solid date Xenia shared news with journalists and the public. After the publication of a photo of a pregnant celebrity on personal pages in social networks and in glossy publications, Xenia fans believed that it was all serious and "really". However, many doubted that timely learn the joyful news that the daughter of Borodino finally came into being. The star once again surprised everyone without making a great secret from a baby.

How it was…

The second daughter of Xenia Borodina was born inone of the most modern private clinics in Moscow. From birth to the very end, the husband of the star was present. The spouses are happy in marriage and together they were waiting for the replenishment. Accordingly, as soon as it became known that soon will be born the second daughter of Xenia Borodina, who the father of the child - it was clear right away. Interestingly, young parents began to share their joy almost immediately from the patrimonial chamber. In social networks about the birth of babies written almost simultaneously, and Xenia, and Kurban. This is such an age of modern technology. However, the fans of Borodino were only glad, because until the last moment they were afraid that Xenia would hide from the public the fact of the baby's appearance. On the Internet, even a rumor has it that in fact the star has long given birth, just specifically hides this news.

My girl is a goddess!

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The first daughter of Xenia Borodina is the usualthe Russian name is Maria. In the family it is often also called Mara or Marusya. Under the first post Borodina on the Internet about the birth of a baby a lot of congratulations and one question: "How to call?" In order not to answer everyone personally, Xenia left a new record on her page. In it, she publishes a brief account of her pastime in the maternity hospital and tells that the girl received a very unusual and beautiful name - Thea. However, indeed, how else could the daughter of Xenia Borodina, whose father - Kurban Omarov, have been called. Accordingly, the full name girls - Teya Kurbanovna Omarova. Such an unusual name was chosen not by chance. In a literal translation into Russian, it means "Divine" or "Goddess." In her Instagram, Xenia writes that she does not care whether the chosen name of the public likes it. Only the parents decide how their child will be called. And if the chosen name is liked by Mom and Dad, third people do not have the right to discuss it in principle. And most importantly, for her parents, the baby is really the real goddess.

The second daughter of Borodina: a photo of the little goddess

Daughter xenia bearded father who
Almost immediately after discharge from the clinic homeXenia arranged a photo session for her younger daughter, wishing to capture her in infancy. That's how she became a model at the age of just 2 weeks. Of course, the photos on which the baby's face is seen are intended exclusively for family viewing. But the proud father could not resist and published a picture on his personal Internet page, where you can see the touching heels of his daughter. He supplemented this photo with a description from which one can understand that the family is happy and the child develops normally in all indicators.

The elder sister of Thea Omarova

Daughter of xenia bearded father
Today, so much attention is paid tothe family of Xenia and Kurban, that many fans of the star couple have already forgotten that the daughter of Borodina from the first marriage, Maroussia, also grows up in the family. Today the girl is 6 years old, and despite her simple name, she can boast of a number of achievements and certain talents. According to many, Maria is a complete copy of the stellar mother. If you compare children's photos of Xenia and Marousi, it is almost impossible to find differences. Despite her young age, the eldest daughter of Borodino approaches with all responsibility to the new role of the elder sister and, together with all, rejoices in the replenishment in the family. Let's wish also we to the kid and to babies of health and successes in all!

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