Popular American model Hannah Davis: biography, career and personal life

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Hannah Davis is a popular American model,which with its beauty was able to conquer not only the United States, but the whole world. It became famous after the advertising campaign of the famous perfume brand.

Since then, Davis's portfolio has expandedprojects. The model can not be called modest, because it often appears on the covers of men's magazines. Not less often, Hannu can be seen in various catalogs and advertising campaigns of famous brands.

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Hannah Davis: Biography

Of course, fans are interested in anyinformation about the model. Hannah Davis was born in the Virgin Islands, located in the Caribbean Sea. It was there that the future model spent the first few years of its life.

From the very childhood she was fond of sports and neverI did not think about the career of the model as a serious way to earn money. But then a random offer from a world-famous brand turned her life around. The girl, abandoning her sports career, decided to become a part of the modeling business.

Hannah signed a contract with Ralph Lauren andbecame the official face of this popular brand. Since then, her career has gone uphill. She appeared on the covers of many magazines, including Elle and MAXIM.

Davis photos did not go unnoticed andfamous brand Victoria's Secret, who offered the model a contract for several years. In 2015, the girl even tried herself as an actress - she can be seen in a comedy called "Holidays".

hanna devis biography

Personal life

The American model never spoke openly abouthis personal life. But one day the girl was attacked by hackers. Attackers laid out in social networks her general photos with the famous American basketball player Derek Jeter. After the incident, the couple officially announced their relationship, appearing together at one of the festive events. Recently it became known that Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter legalized their relationship. The girl even agreed to take her husband's surname.

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