Nikolo-Arkhangelsk Crematorium: hours of work, address and institution

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Crematorium at the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk Cemeterycalled the 2nd Moscow. Like everyone else in the capital, he is subject to the unitary enterprise "Ritual" - the state agency, the manager of cemeteries and funeral services.

general information

The Nikolo-Arkhangelsk crematorium is famousthe largest in Europe institution of this kind. This is not surprising, since its territory occupies 210 hectares of area. It was built and put into operation by the order of the Soviet government in 1972. The Nikolo-Arkhangelsk crematorium is located in close proximity to the Novokosino district, which is located within the Eastern administrative district of the capital.

In the crematorium complex, there are fourteen special halls intended for farewell ceremonies. One room is allocated for burial of the dead according to religious requirements.

The crematorium equipment equals the best samplesengineering and advanced engineering. At its disposal, the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk crematorium has modern gas and electric furnaces, as well as special hydraulic carts, whose task is to place the body of the deceased in the furnace. Every day on the territory of the complex, up to four dozen cremations are carried out.

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Order cremation

To order a cremation procedure, a crematoriumyou must arrive before 13:00. The time threshold is limited due to the fact that a number of documents are required before cremation. To be more precise, to carry out the burning of the body of the deceased, it is required to provide the stamped death certificate of the person being cremated, the passport of the procedure's customer and the account-order for the institution's services. All this procedure on behalf of the customer can hold agents of the special service, which operates in Moscow. Thus, you can save time if you do not have enough for any circumstances.

The cost of the cremation procedure inThe Nikolo-Arkhangelsk crematorium is 3,600 rubles. This amount includes a musical accompaniment that qualifies for the occasion. The urn with the ashes of the deceased will be available the next day after the procedure. To do this, you must again provide the client's passport, a certificate of death of the cremated person and a receipt for payment of the services of the cemetery, where the urn with the ashes will be buried. Also need to produce a certificate of cremation, which is issued on the day of the procedure. Another important point concerns cases where an urn with ashes is planned to be buried outside Moscow and the Moscow region. In such a situation it is required to additionally provide to the crematorium an application on behalf of the customer, notifying that the remains of the deceased will be buried in another region.

If you do not immediately pick up the ballot boxpossible, the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk crematorium will store it for free for forty days. Then, for each day of idle time, a fee will be charged. If, however, during the year the urn remains unclaimed, it is buryed at the discretion of the crematorium management without the sanction of the customer or other persons close to the deceased.

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About the process of cremation

Cremation occurs in specialized furnaces,the temperature in which reaches 1100 degrees Celsius. In such conditions, the body burns in an average of one and a half hours. Then, with the help of special equipment, the ashes are collected in an urn. The latter is a vessel made of metal, plastic or ceramic. There are also wooden and stone urns. Of course, they all differ in price. The cheapest of them costs about 1500 rubles.

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Nikolo-Arkhangelsk crematorium: address and opening hours

You can choose a crematorium in Moscow from the list of threeenterprises, or by comparing their prices, or by calculating the distance from the house. Further information will follow for those people who chose the crematorium of the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery. The address is as follows: Moscow, Balashikha, Saltykovka microdistrict, Okolnaya Street, building No. 4. The crematorium runs daily from 08:45 to 17:00.

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