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With a name in Russian culture there is a lottraditions, not for nothing the child was given two names. One is for people, and the second is a secret name, only close relatives knew him. It was forbidden to speak about it, since it was a true name, it protected man from evil forces and was a kind of talisman. To call the uninitiated his second name is like selling his soul.

female ancient Russian names

Female ancient Russian names - rare names, theirvery little has been preserved. To this day, there have been calendars of names, where for each day several nominatives were closely associated with the festive actions. In general, the Slavs very responsibly approached the issue of people's criticism, because they believed that the fate of a person depends on this. Yes, and nowadays there is a winged saying: "As you call the boat, so it will float."

Origin of names

Old Russian women's names
Female ancient Russian names are very interesting withpoint of view of their origin. For example, this is the name Olga used for us, in fact, came to our cultural environment from the northern lands of the Scandinavian peoples. There it sounds in another version - Helga, which means "bright". The possessor of such a name is strong in character, independent and determined. Immediately recalled the image of Princess Olga, the first female ruler in Kievan Rus.

Female ancient Russian names are mysterious and veryare beautiful. Our ancestors worshiped the elements of nature, revered the Sun, Stars, Fire, especially the living fire (Svarog - the god of living fire). It was in their honor they called their daughters-Zoreslava, Bogumila, Velizar (lit), Zhivroda (the priestess of the goddess Zhiva), Lada, Ladomila and Milada, which means "dear goddess Lada", Luchezar (illuminated by light), Ogneslava (the one, that glorifies the Fire), Yaromila (dear god Yarila).

Also female ancient Russian names denotedPositive traits and qualities of character and appearance: Faith (faithful), Golub (meek), Dobrolyub, Dobrovlad (kind), Ludomir (reassuring people), Rada (Joy), Radmila, Svetoyara (sunny, happy), Snezhana (white-haired, cold ), Chernav (dark-haired).

ancient russian women names list
In addition, at that time very much appreciated knowledge. And the people who knew the knowledge, the ancient Slavs considered close to the gods. The names of women who knew (knew) the secrets of healing, for example Vseveda, were also preserved.

Riddles of female names

Many ancient Russian women's names were formedfrom the names of men and characterized their bearers as strong-willed and strong women. Such names were given in honor of husbands, fathers, grandfathers, as well as various folk heroes. In our time, you rarely see such ancient Russian women's names. A list of some of them is given below:

  • Bazhena, Beloslav, Blagoslav, Borislav, Boyana, Bronislav;
  • Vladimir, Vladislav, Vojislav;
  • Darena (Darina, Dara), Dobromila, Dobroslav, Dragomir;
  • Spark;
  • Miroslava, Mstislav;
  • Nekrasa;
  • Ogneyara;
  • Radimir;
  • Svetislav, Stanimira;
  • Yaroslav and others.

Many names are euphonious, but some "cut an ear" to a modern person. Therefore, before you choose an unusual name for your baby, think about it - but will it be convenient for a child to wear it in a modern society?

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