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Arkady Volozh - Russian top manager, founder and head of Yandex, has shown a vivid example of worthy competition to Western business.

Arcadia of the Voloz
Today, the search engine "Yandex" occupiesRunet has a strong leadership position, has a large audience and provides a huge industry of services: mail, blogs, virtual money, games, free hosting.

Arkady Volozh: biography

A native of Kazakhstan ( Guryev, now Atyrau) was born on February 11, 1964. Arkady Volozh, whose family was intelligent, grew up surrounded by humanitarians. Mama Sofya Lvovna taught music, father Yuri Abramovich was an oilman, his uncle was the famous violinist Usminsky VL.

Arkady, unlike his relatives, were interested inexact sciences, especially mathematics, which led the young man to the physical and mathematical school of Alma-Ata. It was here that I met Ilya Segalovich, who grew into a strong male friendship.

arkady yurievich
After graduation in 1981, friendswent to Moscow to enter the Moscow State University. After failing the exams, the guys all the same became students, but different educational institutions: Arkady Volozh entered the Institute of Oil and Gas. IM Gubkin, and Ilya - to the Moscow geological prospecting institute. The ways of the guys have parted, but only temporarily: the future of the whole life of Arcadia - "Yandex" - will unite them.

Under the influence of change

Having completed his studies in 1986, a promising young manspecialist Arkady got to the Institute of Management Problems, where, along with the rest of the scientific staff, he was engaged in processing huge amounts of information. Before Vozlozhem, promising scientific horizons were opened, which at once reversed the restructuring that had burst in the USSR. In 1988, the "Law on Cooperation" came into force, which pushed the young man to the first cautious steps in business, a sphere hitherto unfamiliar to the inhabitants of the Soviet Union. In the Institute, where he worked Arkady, from the district committee of the CPSU ordered the mandatory establishment of a cooperative on the basis of the institution. Volozh Arkady Yurievich with several other comrades was elected to work with an educated society, known as the "Master", and became its co-founder.

The first steps in business

Work in the cooperative consisted of a massdiverse and unusual for the Soviet era things. So, the organization bought seed from the collective farmers and supplied them to Australia, in exchange for receiving foreign personal computers. The bartering course was quite simple: a car of computers was changing on the car of sunflower seeds.

Arcadia Volo biography

Arkady, in charge of the technical part of the questionand engaged in setting up the obtained office equipment, I understood the whole prospect of the new business. Therefore, for the time being postponed the thesis and began to study the language of all businessmen - English. In this he helped American Robert Stubblebine, as it turned out, nurtured the idea of ​​supplying office equipment to the territory of the Soviet Union. I put this on my hand, and he suggested that Robert join the "Magister". However, for certain reasons (perhaps ideological), the management of the cooperative rejected this idea.

In 1989 Volozh Arkady Yurievich left"Master" and together with an American friend organized the company CompTek in the capital, the purpose of which was all the same supplies of office equipment to Russia. Stubblein, who easily established business, himself found buyers. In the competence of Volodya, due to the circumstances of the retrained into a competent practicing businessman, there were technical issues related to setting up office equipment. Even while working in Magister, Arkady managed to earn 2 personal computers. Realizing them, the young man bought an apartment in the capital, which he would not have been able to do under other circumstances, even if the name of Arcadia received worldwide recognition in the scientific world.

How to simplify the search process?

Volozh, involved in the processing of significantvolumes of information, constantly thought about the need to simplify the process of finding the right information. Most of this Arkady was assisted by Borkovsky - also Arkady, who studied computer linguistics. Volozh's plan to create a certain mechanism for searching for the necessary information and Borkovsky's extensive knowledge of the morphology of the Russian language contributed to the formation in 1988 of the company Arcadia. Having recruited competent programmers, the founders decisively moved to fulfill their plans.

The founder of "Yandex": on the way to success

The first successful project was the classifierinventions - the order of the Institute of Patent Information. A small program, weighing 10 MB, liked the customer and other organizations related to patenting. Profit this software brought for 3 years; further, the case went down somewhat. In addition, in the courtyard stood the nineties, who were forced to put state employees into the framework of survival and decayed science.

Arcadia Injecting Family

This prompted Arkady in 1993 to take a decisionOn joining "Arcadia", before which loomed risk of collapse, to CompTek. This is what helped Volozh to save as a staff of talented employees, as well as available in the field of search technologies. In addition, at this time, CompTek was doing fine: personal computers were sold for cheers. The company, expanding its own sphere of interests, simultaneously undertook the spread of network technologies in Russia. In the 90s Volya's friend, Ilya Segalovich, joined them.

The first successes of Arcadia can be attributedtremendous work on the digital edition of the Bible. Almost half of the sacred book was typed by hand; circulation, transferred to floppy disks, it became quite good to disperse. Then came a major order to create an electronic version of the works of Russian classics.

"Yandex" - the search engine of RuNet

Along with the core activities, the program departmentwas engaged in refinement of the search facility completed in 1996 and called "Yandex". After 2 years, "Yandex" was on the 7th place in the top of the most popular Russian-language sites.

Yandex founder
In 2000, Arkady Yurievich Volozh - the founder"Yandex" - became the CEO of an independent Internet company with the same name. In 2007 he returned to science and headed the Department of Data Analysis in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. On the account of a successful Russian entrepreneur - a lot of awards and prizes, and his fortune in 2013 was estimated at $ 1.15 billion.

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