Anastasia Reshetova to plastics. Brief biography, personal life of Anastasia Reshetova

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Hot daily discussions of the new girl Timati- Anastasia Reshetova - do not cease to this day, and in fact they started dating back in 2015. Who is she, what has become famous, what is she doing now? These and similar questions are of interest to many.

Biography of Anastasia Reshetova

The girl was born in the family of the colonel on January 231996. Her parents divorced, and Anastasia and her sister were brought up by the father in fairly strict rules. After graduation, the heroine of our article entered the Moscow State University for the faculty of public service and municipal administration, but soon dropped out of school. At the age of eighteen she took part in the beauty contest and won a prize.

biography of anastasia

As already mentioned, at the moment Anastasiais a companion of Russian rap artist Timati. On her page in the "Instagram" she puts photos of expensive gifts. Practically under each she writes words of gratitude to the "good wizard".


Anastasia Reshetova before the plastics was veryan attractive girl. This is evidenced by her title "Vice Miss Russia 2014". According to the girl, she never thought to connect her life with the modeling business. But nevertheless one day appeared on casting, she was noticed, and after that everything started spinning.

Now Anastasia Reshetova is co-ownerbeauty clinics. Writes an autobiographical book, which in the near future will come out of the printing house and, undoubtedly, will become a bestseller. With all this, the girl has time to sign numerous advertising contracts and participate in the shows.

Plastic surgery

Anastasia Reshetova before the plastics lookedsomewhat differently. Of course, the first thing that catches your eye is the changed lips. The model itself does not hide this. In her microblog, she showed the photo before the operation with a signature: "Lips on the decreasing will now".

Also Anastasia Reshetova before plasty had a slightly different nose shape. After the procedure, he became smaller, and the wings a little narrower.

anastasia sieve to plastics

Many people say that the girl made a plasticoperation to change the volume of the buttocks. However, this is unconfirmed information. Some mass media started comparing it with Kim Kardashian. And the fans are not tired of protecting Reshetov, claiming that she has achieved such mouth-watering forms only with her own efforts, namely, eating and eating properly in the hall, under the supervision of an individual coach. Whatever it was, Anastasia Reshetova before plastics and after looks charming.

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