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Vera Ivleva is a bright supporting actress. In the movie, she played dozens of roles. But not one major. Nevertheless, during her lifetime Vera Ivleva was popular among theatergoers. After all, this actress was once involved in most performances of the theater Lenkom.

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Actress Vera Ivleva, whose biography began inbeginning of the war, was originally from the Moscow region. The parents of the future artist had nothing to do with art. My father was a shoemaker. My mother worked as a salesman in a rural shop. But a simple worker-provincial environment did not prevent a girl from a remote village dreaming about a theatrical career.


After school, Vera Ivleva filed a document inschool for them. Shchepkina. But failed miserably. Entering the theatrical high school, she succeeded only at the third attempt. During breaks between the entrance exams Vera prepared herself intensively, read a lot.

Theater and cinema

After graduation Vera Ivleva worked for several years in one of the theaters near Moscow. Then she was accepted into the troupe "Lenkom". In this theater, the actress has served more than twenty years.

Vera Ivleva - the actress is bright, characteristic. She started acting in the movies in the early sixties. Its roles were small, but so memorable that sometimes its heroines overshadowed the main characters. Among the films in which Ivlev took part, the following pictures can be named:

  1. "The twelve Chairs".
  2. "The Tale of Tsar Saltan".
  3. "Ivanov cutter".
  4. Anna Petrovna.
  5. "For matches."
  6. "Thief".
  7. "The Strawberry."
  8. "Recluse."

This list is far from complete. Vera Ivlev, whose photo is presented in the article, has played many episodic roles. And the viewer, hearing her surname, will hardly understand today that this is the actress who played a fussy, caring mother in the heartfelt picture of the Children of Don Quixote. He hardly recalls the performer of the weaver's role in the adaptation of Pushkin's fairy tale. And even more so this image will be correlated with the name of Vera Ivleva.

But the acting profession is cruel. Few artists know the audience's loyalty. Ivlev, on whose account were only episodic roles, today only true fans of Soviet cinema remember. But the real tragedy of this actress was loneliness. Having been twice married, having given birth to a daughter, in the last years of her life, Ivlev was all forgotten.

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Personal life

The first husband of the actress was Dmitry Ivlev. He was a military man. His name she bore all her life. The girl was an actress Kislaeva. Dmitry and Vera lived together for seven years. According to one of the versions, the spouse put her before a choice: a career or a family. Ivleva chose the theater, because she did not imagine herself without a stage. Soon Dmitry left the family, leaving Vera and daughter Olga.

The second husband of Vera Ivleva was Naum Markzizer. Even after the break-up, the actress maintained a warm relationship with this person. But Markzizer in the early nineties emigrated to the United States. Ivleva met a relative of the legendary announcer Yakov Levitan. However, this was not the person with whom you can create a family. Jacob abused alcohol. Vera tried unsuccessfully to wean him from the addiction. But soon I gave up. Ivlev separated from Levitan and did not associate her life with any other man.

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Cause of death

Ivlev several times got into an accident. The third case became fatal. In 1999, on Christmas day, the actress went to church. Particularly a believing person, she, as friends and colleagues say, was not. But it was on that day that she confessed and took communion. And then did not return home.

She was found only two months later. Presumably, Ivleva got under the wheels of the car. The driver did not report to the police, but hid the body in a snowdrift and covered it with branches. The perpetrator of the death of the actress was never found.

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At the grave of the actress, no one came more than tenyears: no colleagues, no fans, not even a daughter. This is evidenced by the fact that the monument was erected only in 2011. And it was done by local activists who did not know the actress during their lifetime.

The actress's daughter graduated from physics and mathematicsfaculty. But by profession does not work. This is the only thing that is known about Ivleva's relatives. The official opening of the monument was attended by the colleagues of the actress. Among them - Victor Rakov and Igor Fokin. The only daughter at the grand opening of the monument did not come.

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