Quartz stone is a good talisman

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One of the most common stones is quartz.It forms a large group of different minerals, differing in color and shape. Stone quartz has long been used by man for farming. This mineral is often used as a talisman. In combination with silver, he brings success, luck, wealth, faithful love. Those who need protection, it is better to insert a quartz stone into a cross from silver or platinum.

stone quartz


Our distant ancestors believed that many stonescan greatly influence the fate and character of a person. Quartz was one of the very first to be used as magic stones. People believed that they attracted the divine light. Of quartz, lenses were made, balls and installed in temples. Through them, the altars were lit and the rooms lit up. Stone quartz used priests. With their help, they predicted the future and recognized the past. In those days, it was believed that quartz - a kind of astral skin of the planet. At the same time, stones are recording devices that receive and store signals that the Universe sends us.

Modern astrologers and magicians consider quartz a stoneillusions. Use it in their practice only experienced professionals in the field of magic and divination. It is believed that an ordinary person to cope with it is not easy. The stone easily confuses it, showing possible pictures of the future. He easily gives out wishful thinking, driving a man mad.

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Stone quartz can be worn as an amulet. This will bring a great benefit to man: develop imagination, strengthen memory, make speech brighter and more colorful, activate thought processes.

Pink quartz - stone (photo it justfascinating), which symbolizes beauty, love, peace of mind. He helps women to find family happiness and love. He restores emotional balance, helps to cope with stress, increases self-confidence and raises self-esteem. Unsure of a lady who has not found happiness in her personal life, it is recommended to wear this stone in the form of ornaments.

Quartz white attracts luck and helps inlove affairs. It is often used for water purification, as well as in a bath. This stone is simply irreplaceable in this case. It is sturdy and heat-resistant. In addition, thanks to him, excellent steam is formed.


stone quartz white

In addition to its magical properties, this stone is oftenUsed to treat a variety of ailments. Amethyst quartz dispels melancholy, cheers up and sets up its owner for the best. He gives a person the ability to see the future.

On quartz, water is insisted.After that, it acquires valuable healing and stimulating properties of the body. And this is not surprising. In nature, the purest water from life-giving sources often passes through quartz beds before breaking through to the surface. Some properties of the stone depend on its variety. Everyone will find among these stones suitable. All quartz can be used to clean the space. Of these, magical ornaments and balls are also made.

To wear quartz in the form of a talisman can all the signs of the zodiac. Especially recommend it to Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius.

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