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The rarest female names in our time ... occur quite often. To date, their number is about 220. Unusual names are more appealing to people, because for every person his child is the most extraordinary in the world. Agree, you have repeatedly heard how parents, talking about their children, used the phrase "My daughter (son) - not like everyone else." Now we will talk about what rare names exist, and what they mean.

Since there are a lot of such names, we will tell you about the most unusual of them.

rare female names
The female name Aaliah is of Arab origin andmeans "exalted". If you call your daughter Aaliya, then she will in life strive for physical and spiritual comfort. Such people have a pronounced sensitivity and kindness. Aalii often grow up talented people, whose talent is manifested in the field of artistic creativity.

Amelia and Aniela are also the rarest female names. Amelia is a modest looking girl who, at the same time, will not allow herself to be forgotten. This is a person who has the ability to think everything over and leads a very active lifestyle. Aniels, on the contrary, are too quick-tempered, they are guided by emotions and intuition. These girls are as changeable as our world.

the rarest names
It is impossible not to say such beautiful rarenames like Esther, Emilia and Erica. All three are of Arab origin and mean "star", "affectionate" and "mysterious blood" respectively. For Esther, her family will be the first in life. You can always rely on such a girl. Where Esther is, things are going well. Emilie will be different in her coolness, she has an unshakable willpower and for life will go on her own. Most often, Emilia has an excellent sense of humor. Speaking of Erica, it is important to note that she is a moderately strong person. This suggests that Erica can not always finish what he started. The possessor of the name is an overly intelligent person, who will not tire of reminding others about this.

Rarest female names include such names as Leah, Marlene, Teresa and Constance. But let's start in order.

Leah is a Hebrew name. Such girls are poorly organized and, unlike Esther, they are more comfortable with themselves than with the family. They are very curious and have an explosive nature. Also, Leah is a very polar person in terms of his mood.

Speaking of the rarest names, you can not get aroundattention to the name of Marlene. She is a very impressionable person. A negative feature of the bearer of the name is laziness - Marlene is easy to put things off for later. Such girls are easily excitable and can be capricious even at the slightest excuse.

beautiful rare names
The name Teresa in translation means "the one that bringsstars". These girls are not used to obey someone, they are fairly objective and have their own point of view, so they can easily get out of any situation.

Constance bears in itself a permanence. She wants to be everywhere first, which is greatly facilitated by her willpower. Such a girl falls in love once and for all her life, this is a very sociable and generous person by nature.

If you are interested in rare women's names, we hope that they helped you and simplified the task of calling your daughter.

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