The meaning of the phraseology "How protein in the wheel": the origin and modern life of expression

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If you think about the symbol of our era, you just want toRefresh the memory of the importance of phraseology "as a protein in the wheel." The interpretation of the meaning of the winged expression that we inherited from IA Krylov, we shall deal with below.

The plot of the fable (origin)

A well-known story is a holiday, folk festivals. A wonderful miracle was brought to the fair - a squirrel in a wheel. She runs around in circles. People look and are surprised. Near the fairground tent, the place where the little creature gives a presentation, stood a tree, and on it sat a thrush. And he is interested in squirrels, what exactly is she doing? She says that the big master has a messenger. Very much the squirrel is busy, can not even find time for a full dinner. Yes there is lunch, even breathe a poor fellow - and then there is no time!

the importance of phraseology as a protein in the wheel

Thrush, leaving the place of observation and seeing as the squirrel again started in a circle, philosophically notes: "It is clear to me that you are running, but all on the same window you are."

We think that the meaning of phraseology "as a squirrel in a wheel" is already clear. And nevertheless the morality with detailed explanation already hastens to the reader.


What does the Russian classics teach, not so muchit is difficult to understand. Each of us knows people who like imitating a stormy activity, but there is no core in it, there is no sense. That's it in such a fable and beats. A person can rush, run, jump, but his efforts have no direction - he is always on the spot. The meaning of phraseology "as a squirrel in a wheel" suggests a simple morality.

Modern life of phraseology

Now the meaning of the expression has softened a bit: now you can get a comparison with a squirrel any person who is too busy. Take, for example, office workers.

The ordinary manager does every day approximatelyone and the same - calls to customers and paperwork. Not too diverse work, is not it? And it can, quite naturally, sometimes there is a sense of the cycle and the meaninglessness of everything that is happening. But the feeling of unnecessary work in this case is imaginary. The office in which a person works is based on people like him. And our whole civilization lies on the backs of workhorses. And the latter confuse themselves with rodents for a misunderstanding. Clearly, the importance of phraseology "as a squirrel in the wheel" has softened nowadays.

as a protein in the wheel origin

Many cases are the reality of almost every modernrights. But do not despair and think about different animals. We must accept our destiny and understand that it is not so bad. Yes, from time to time it happens that next to a person there is a "thrush", and he will in one second devalue all the activities that, perhaps, even bring "satisfaction" to the "squirrel". The advice is simple: do not pay attention to all kinds of malicious people.

We disassembled the expression "as a squirrel in a wheel," its origin and meaning, as well as morality.

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