Statuses with the meaning of the family: original sayings

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Native - the greatest wealth thathas a man. That is why a large number of various utterances and aphorisms are devoted to the cell of society. To replenish your arsenal of beautiful sayings, you can use the statuses with the meaning of the family, proposed in the article.

statuses with the meaning of the family

Beautiful statuses about the family

The status of the family with meaning is all the more attractive than they are more capacious and original folded.

  • "What was the most precious gift your parents gave you?" "Life."
  • "If at least one person waits for you at home, you are no longer alone."
  • "There is no place for selfishness in the family".
  • "I do not believe when they say that you can not see the Guardian Angel, I see my own every day." This is my mother. "
  • "You do not need to educate your children." Educate yourself, they will still be like you. "
  • "The future spouse should be treated as a parent: do not seek after a quarrel new."
  • "Native people are the roots of man."
  • "Unity of goals is the guarantee of the unity of the spouses."
  • "The only place where you can always find forgiveness is family."
  • "A good man before the creation of a family promises another happiness, a bad one - waiting for him."
  • "In a happy family they understand that the trouble, shared with another, is half bad, and the joy shared with the other is two joys."
  • "The realization of this important thing comes with time - you need to appreciate the health of your parents as well as they are."

statuses about family with meaning

Statuses about family with meaning: short

  • "To solve a difficult situation in a marriage, it is necessary first to ask yourself the question:" What is more important - to be right or happy? "
  • "Even if with the advent of the child in the family calm disappeared, sleep, time, is what will remain forever - happiness."
  • "It's easy to surprise a beautiful wedding." It's harder to surprise with a long and happy marriage. "
  • "Lucky is the one who has become a family life".
  • "A family is possible, if only both actors: if one is already a theater."
  • "The hands of parents - the embodiment of tenderness and care."
  • "In the circle of relatives for the first time you will know what" we "are.
  • "Happiness in the family is a gift from the Most High, the most valuable gift."
  • "There is no constant calm in the family, the main thing is to remember where your shore is."
  • "The relatives can not always be right, but they always remain relatives."

Fun statuses about family

It is not necessary that the phrase be serious. Sometimes the statuses with a sense of the family with humor are no less important message.

  • "When my family is close - I do not even need social networks."
  • "In a happy marriage, the neuroticism of the spouses coincides."
  • "To be happy, spouses need to forget that they are lovers during the day, and at night - that they are spouses."
  • "In a happy family, everything is stable." First, every day, every day after marriage, every year. "
  • "Parents always wait for children, first - their births, then - from the night club."
  • "In happy families everything keeps on communicating.Here we have a dad talking with the car, my mother with flowers, my sister with dolls, I with a phone and a computer."
  • "Why should the family argue who is in charge? Let everyone secretly consider themselves a head."

statuses about a family with a meaning of short

Statuses with meaning about the family can be used forexpressing their feelings close. It can be not only a record in social networks. It will be very pleasant to receive another person a note with such a phrase left on the coffee table in the morning, a letter with this text to work. The main thing is improvisation and the desire to amaze. And the statuses with the meaning of the family - it's just a tool in the hands of a loving person.

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