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Olga Grishina can truly be called a starcinema industry. After all, having no model appearance, but possessing purposefulness, she was able to achieve the location of directors who saw a bright young star in the young girl.

Biographical information

Olga was born on June 29, 1982 and hasUkrainian roots. Its homeland is the well-known capital of Ukraine - Kiev. Almost all of her life was in Kiev. The girl grew up without a father, and her mother was engaged in training, which by profession was a medic.

As a child, Olga was engaged in ballet school andhad quite good choreographic abilities. The choreographic talent was so high that the girl wanted to link her life with this. But after 10 years her opinion changed, and she left the ballet school. As Olga Grishina herself says, she did not believe that she could achieve serious results, and therefore she saw only a way out of ballet.

When the girl turned 14, she decided to try herself in medicine. Olga got a job as a nurse in the hospital for her mother.

In the adolescent period, she became interestedscene, but the dream of a medical could not forget. Olga was not able to determine exactly the future profession, so she decided to enter a medical college. Soon the girl changes her decision and enters the theater.

Olga Grishina


Even during her student years Olga Grishinabegan to receive episodic roles in the movies, which was not possible for every student. But she began her professional career as an artist after receiving a diploma.

In the series "Matchmakers" the girl starred in the episode, andit was after this role that her career flew up. After a short episode, Olga Grishina began receiving proposals from various directors and appeared in such projects as "Cure Fear", "Lectures for Housewives", "Yesterday ended the war".

The popularity of the actress brought her two projects - the military film "1943" and "Grechanka", after which she truly woke up with a star.

Grishina Olga

2016 for the actress Olga Grishina became fruitful in terms of career. She was involved in 9 projects, among which "Surgery" and "Central Hospital" became successful for her.

Personal life

Olga Grishina carefully hides her personal life. But some nuances are still known.

The actress is married, but her spouse's name is nowhereDo not distribute. Everything that is known about him, that he is also a creative person. The couple brings up a daughter who was born in 2011. According to Olga, she and her husband never show their daughter films with their participation, since in their family this is not the case.

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