The healing and magical properties of the citrine stone

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Precious and semiprecious stones were usedhuge popularity since ancient times. For many centuries, people used them not only as decorations, but also made them talismans and amulets. To such interesting and useful minerals

properties of citrine stone
refers to the stone of citrine. Photo rings, earrings with its inserts, as well as bracelets and necklaces will not leave indifferent any fashionista. This beautiful, lemon-colored semi-precious stone has long been confused with one of the varieties of topaz, but now it has gained its independence and uniqueness. The properties of the citrine stone are revealed for each owner in different ways.

For a long time it was thought that this mineral is largerIt suits the representatives of the elements of the Earth, but it is not so. The properties of the citrine stone are dual, they can awaken in a person both bad and good qualities. For this reason, it is not recommended to wear Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn, because people born under these signs may be obsessed with bad thoughts and aspirations. But the Gemini and Aquarius Citrine fits perfectly. In Gemini women, the mineral develops intuition, the Gemini men help to achieve success in financial matters, and Aquarius is recommended to take it with them on long voyages.

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The healing properties of the citrine stone from ancient timesare used by healers. Mineral improves eyesight, gives physical strength, treats intestinal diseases, has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the legs and hands. Ring with citrine will give a strong sleep and drive nightmares, children will get rid of cartilage. This is a positive stone, filled with sunlight and heat, so it is able to drive out bad thoughts, strengthen related and friendly ties. Sensitive and easy-to-care people are ideally suited for citrine.

Photos of this stone are not so easy to see, andpurchase a natural mineral is even more difficult. Mostly today smoky quartz and amethysts are sold, which have been specially processed. To distinguish a true mineral from a fake, you can look at the coloring: the pseudocitrins are dense, and the natural stone has an amber-honey or golden color. In addition, the fake will not change the shade depending on the angle of light.

Magic properties of the cit stone

Citrine Photo
well known in many countries, without itnone of the rites of shamans and sorcerers did. This is a powerful amulet for people who earn their own hands, it also protects trade, therefore, for successful business it is recommended to put a pebble in a safe. In Rome citrine was worn by philosophers and speakers, but in some other states the stone was associated with fraud and deception.

The magical properties of the citrine stone can protectfrom danger, bring good luck in business. Mineral perfectly suits people of public professions, speaking to the people. It is best to wear a pendant with an insert of citrine. The stone protects both the physical and mental health of its owner, protects against evil people and negative thoughts. This golden pebble fills the person with kindness and happiness, and its warm shades warm and cheer up.

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