The average salary in Ukraine. Dynamics of changes in recent years

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Recently, the head of the Ukrainian Cabinet of MinistersVladimir Groisman stated that the dynamics of average wage growth in Ukraine outstrips inflation. At the same time, he gave a comparative analysis of average wages for 2017, 2016 and 2015. According to data provided by the Prime Minister, in 2017 the incomes of Ukrainians grew by about 37%. At the same time, the price increase for the same reporting period was 15%. Thus, the head of government stated that the rate of increase in the average wage is faster than the rate of inflation.

average salary in Ukraine

The average salary in Ukraine in recent years

Some experts decided to check how muchThis statement by Vladimir Groisman corresponds to the real state of affairs. For this, a simple and effective method was used. Namely, we compared how much you can buy goods and services for an average salary in 2017 and how many such positions could be purchased starting in 2014. So, how much is the average salary in Ukraine today? What was it like in recent years under the new government?

Three years ago, the average salary in Ukraine wasis equal to 3480 UAH, which in equivalent was about 221 US dollars. With this money it was possible to purchase 204 liters of gasoline, 115 kg of poultry meat or 560 units of bread "Ukrainian".

In 2015, the average salary in Ukraine wasalready 4195 hryvnia. But because of the devaluation of the national currency in terms of US dollars, this amount decreased and was equal to USD 176. The purchasing power of the inhabitants of Ukraine in most positions of the consumer basket has decreased.

what is the average salary in Ukraine

If we talk about the products that wereare given as an example for 2014, then in 2015 the average salary could be purchased 214 liters of gasoline, 109 kg of poultry meat or 424 loaves of bread. A year later, these figures slightly increased and amounted to: 220 liters of gasoline, 123 kg of chicken meat and 489 units of Ukrainian bread. The average salary in Ukraine at the same time was 5183 hryvnia or at the then rate of 191 US dollars.

The most "successful" year?

If we assess the statements of the head of the Ukrainiangovernment in terms of analyzing those goods and services that are listed above, then 2017 is indeed the most successful in the ratio of "average wages-the cost of goods and services." So, the average salary in Ukraine at the moment is 6109 hryvnia or 230 US dollars. With this money you can buy 243 liters of automobile fuel, 140 kg of poultry meat or 523 loaves of bread "Ukrainian". It turns out that bread was the only one that worsened its position from this list in comparison with 2014.

Nevertheless, many socially important and communal services became less accessible for Ukrainian citizens in 2017. For example, travel to the subway or hot water. Thus, in 2014, the average wage 1,740 trips could be made to theKiev metro, in 2015 - 1048, in 2016 - 1295. But in 2017, an ordinary Ukrainian citizen on an average salary will be able to use the services of the metro 1527 times.

how much is the average salary in Ukraine

The same situation with the supply of hot water in theapartments and houses of Ukrainians. Because of the constant increase in utility tariffs and gas prices for the population, every year, beginning in 2014, citizens can afford fewer and fewer cubic meters of hot water.


As you can see, one can testify thatthe Prime Minister of Ukraine, giving a positive assessment of the dynamics of the increase in the average wage in the country, did not take into account the rise in price of some goods and services that are very important for Ukrainians. The growth of prices for these key positions in the monthly expenses of Ukrainian citizens practically negates those successes of the government, which Vladimir Groisman spoke about. "What is the average salary in Ukraine?" Is a question to which it is necessary to approach in a comprehensive manner, evaluating a variety of objective factors.

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