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Modest wildflowers - unpretentious, lovelythe heart of the creation, pleasing to the eye from the earliest spring to late autumn. Memories of them warm us on long winter evenings. Indispensable attributes of summer days spent outside the city, field flowers, sunken in memory even in infancy, will not be released until the very old age.

modest wildflowers
Field flower, delicate and fragile at firstlook, stable and hardy. It does not require special care, and therefore more than ever takes root in urban flower beds, pleasing the eye with flowering throughout the warm period, right up to the first frosts. Its beauty is never eclipsed by the splendor and arrogance of orchids, roses, callas and gerberas. The discreet shy field flower is more familiar and closer. A bouquet made up of meadow and forest plants, for a long time pleases and warms the soul, attracts the eye.

A lot of pictures of famous artists, poems andsongs of famous authors is dedicated to these plants. Probably the most memorable song, written by Raymond Pauls on Kovalev's poetry "Wildflowers", was played by young Lyudmila Senchina: "The sky was filled with cornflowers, and the daisies from the sun and snow ... Field flowers are like simple dreams ".

chamomile flower field
Cornflowers, buttercups, poppies, medinitsa, ivan-da-marya -these names were firmly placed in the mind together with the words "mother", "motherland". But I think I will not be mistaken, saying that the daisy is a flower of the field, modest and unpretentious, has become a symbol of Russia. How many girls entrusted their secrets to this snow-white flower with a bright sunny heart! "He loves, does not like, he presses to the heart, he will send to the devil," the charming women guess with sinking, breaking off the chamomile petals. Well, who else but he, will answer without deception on the question so important for a young loving heart?

How many legends are associated with these plants! In the name of each one there is something more than just a word. Field flower - a healer, decoctions and infusions from it are widely used in folk medicine. For example, cornflower is named after Saint Basil the Great and is a symbol of integrity. This plant was an indispensable participant in pagan rituals. Yarrow, he is a scabbler, cutler, has been known since the days of Hellas. Its scientific name is Achilles, received in honor of Achilles, who used it to heal Telefus wounds. This plant has unique properties - anti-inflammatory, hemostatic. And who does not know about the bell, called by its shape? Our grandmothers used this field flower to treat throat disorders.

wild flower

The famous duo of Ivan-da-marya, aka mariannikDubravnaya, - plant, consisting of a yellow-violet inflorescences, used to treat rashes and wound healing. Very interesting is the legend associated with it and explaining its name. Ivan and Mary fell in love with each other and married, not knowing that they are a brother and sister. To avoid separation, they turned to a field flower.

The name of the eleventh - nine forces speaks volumes. This field flower will help with weakness, loss of strength. The mother-and-stepmother leaves on one side are cold, and on the other - fluffy and warm.

Field flowers heal, lift the mood, fill with positive, please the eye. True children of the Russian land, they are always stored in our memory, and the love for them seems to be passed on to the gene level.

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