Border of Chongar, Crimea: description, features and interesting facts

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The borders of states vary infrequently. However, we all witnessed such an event in 2014. Between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, a new frontier has been formed. Чонгар is one of three transitions from Crimea on territory of the country, from which structure the peninsula left, on pleasure to inhabitants. Now this item is equipped in accordance with all requirements. The transition is not anything unusual, everything, as in other points. But the border of Chongar has overgrown with legends and stories, often got into the TOP media. Let's take care of everything.

chongar border

A bit of history

The inhabitants of Russia know that the border, Chongar in thatnumber, is in the territory of their country. Actually there is some confusion with the names. The fact is that Chongar is not only a point of transition, but also a small peninsula, a village of equally small dimensions. The territory of the Russian Federation reaches only to the bridge built in Soviet times between the Crimea and mainland Ukraine. All the rest is already a neighboring country.

Previously, it was impossible to cross over to anotherCoast. But the path was very convenient, so we built a bridge. Here there was (and now exists) a route from Simferopol to Moscow. It is on the Ukrainian land. The boundary of Chongar (Crimea) was formed as a result of the annexation of the peninsula to the Russian Federation. The date of the event is known to everyone - March 2014. Ukraine with the fact of separation of Crimea and change of its statehood does not agree until now (and the case will remain in such condition for a long time), but the checkpoint to the "occupied" territory was organized.

chongar border

Border of Chongar, Crimea: description

From the Russian side for the work of the transition pointbuilt special constructions. These are premises for border guards, and for the work of services. All this is before the entrance to the bridge. Travelers here are tested, show personal documents and transport, show if things are required.

The border of Chongar is open around the clock. When the Russian border guards were completely checked, the way to the Ukrainian point was to go. It is on the other side of the bridge. Those who travel without personal transport, have to walk this distance. On the bridge itself, practically in the middle, there are also border guards on both sides. They follow the situation, on the post, so to speak. They can demand paper if they do not like you. But not everyone is being checked.

border of Chongar Crimea

What documents are needed for the transition from Crimea to Ukraine

It should be noted at once, for the state of the Russian Federation Chongar- the border in the full sense of the word. To cross it it is possible on the same bases, that in other directions. We will have to provide passports and documents for children. If one of the parents is traveling to a neighboring country, the permission of the second for the child's removal is necessary. Cross the border on internal or foreign passports. If the children are inscribed in the document for travel abroad, then the birth certificate will not be required. For transport, you need a technical passport and a power of attorney or a certificate of ownership. Chongar is a relatively new border, nevertheless here everything is already equipped and convenient. There is only a nuance for the Crimeans. This will be the first story.

chongar operational boundary

How to go to Ukraine for Crimeans?

Immediately note that all of the above applies tohere rumors and gossip. People get into different stories and share experiences with each other. And we heard and recorded for you. The elderly lady, a Crimean woman, who, according to certain circumstances, had to go to Ukraine to sell the car tells. It was not subject to re-registration under Russian law. Her way lay through Chongar. Crossing the border is an exciting business for the narrator who does not like long trips. She presented all the documents at the beginning of Russian control. The border guards warned travelers to hide Russian passports far away, since they could be seized on the other side. We moved on by car further. The bridge was again stopped by Russian border guards and asked if they have Russian passports. And for the fact that the lady tried to present them, they did not suspect anything unkind, were scolded and again ordered to hide away. Crimeans enter Ukraine only on the passports of this country or foreign documents.

What can you carry with you?

A lot of rumors, as well as outright lies,runs in the network about the "brutality of border guards". In fact, the border crossing from the Russian Federation passes by general rules. They will detain a person if he has unformed weapons, drugs and other forbidden things. For the military, whose place of service is Chongar, the situation on the border is more important than the experiences of unlucky travelers. They protect law and order, but do not carp. It is not forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages and food. The main thing is to have the documents in order. The reverse is another matter. Ukrainian politicians can object as much as they like, but the Crimeans share their impressions, which contradict the slogans of the authorities of that country.

chongar situation at the border

The Ukraine-Crimea transition

Maybe there were people in the world who asked themselves "Chongar? Where is it?". But after the blockade, organized by Ukraine to the inhabitants of the peninsula, there were not many such.

The Crimeans have been trying for two years to forcechange your mind and return to the country. At first the water was blocked, then the supply of electricity was completely cut off, it seemed a little. The blockade was launched, that is, they prohibited the supply of food products. Since then, travelers can not carry anything to the Crimea more than that they themselves can eat on the border. Border guards and "public control" check people for products. A lot of provisions drowned in the waters near Chongar. Who brought the potatoes from relatives, who were treated with bacon, everything had to be thrown into Sivash.

chongar crossing the border

How to bring to Crimea a child born after 2014

The next story, probably, will also help realize the operational situation. The woman traveled to Ukraine through Chongar with two children. One of them was born in the Russian Crimea and had a corresponding document. Conversely, it was not allowed on the Ukrainian side, since they do not recognize the birth certificate issued since 2014 on the peninsula. Border guards considered that the child does not have documents. I had to go back to Genichesk and ask for another testimony of the sample installed in this country. Only after that the woman was allowed to return home. And Russian border guards warned her that there would be problems. I did not believe it, and I myself suffered.

Chongar: operational boundary

In connection with the ongoing provocations forthe situation in the points of the transition is watched especially carefully. If the saboteurs do not hesitate to steal Russian servicemen, what should they undermine the bridge? And if it is destroyed, then Chongar will stop working, passing on the ground in this place there. The checkpoint was temporarily closed only once - on August 7, 2016. It happened because of the sabotage organized by the Ukrainian special services. In the morning of this day, all three checkpoints were closed, traffic and citizens stopped. When the situation cleared, the border guards resumed normalcy. As the press writes, the borders were at the castle for several hours. The checkpoint is equipped with video cameras that broadcast the situation in the online mode. The safety of citizens is in the hands of experienced border guards and special services.

chongar is where

Sad story

Finally we will share with you another realincident. In 2014, Chongar, like all other transitions from the mainland to the peninsula, was blocked by Crimean self-defense. The situation was very tense. Activists were waiting for the breakthrough of armed gangs from that side. But everything went well. The peninsula was taken to a friendly Russian family. People rejoiced, but behind Chongar were disgruntled and offended. Negative emotions former fellow citizens of the Crimeans experienced for various reasons. Thus, residents of the village of Strelkovoye also did not want to stay in Ukraine. At night they dug up the border poles and moved them outside the boundaries of their settlement.

The story is indicative and sad at the same time. The Ukrainian authorities have dealt with the head of the district, who committed the incident. This man was fired at the very moment when the story became known to the general public.

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