How do you know your roots by last name?

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Without trees in our life in any way. And the trees are important not only those with leaves and green, but also those that are with relatives and genealogical. The family is a powerful life foundation that gives support and strength in order to grow and develop. Not knowing their relatives, a person, in fact, does not understand who he is, so he can not move forward. How do you know your roots? The answer you will find in the article.

Why search for your ancestors?

After asking grandmothers and grandfathers on the topicGenealogy still has a lot of questions and gaps in family history. Here the age of grandparents plays a role, and wonders of wartime, when people were added years, then cleaned. To gather information about your pedigree, you have to try pretty hard or lay out a round sum of money to someone who will try for you.

How to know your roots

The logical question is: why then do it? There are reasonable answers to any reasonable question:

  • First of all, the family is the foundation, and withoutnot a single house is built. A person needs to be grounded in order to push off from this earth and fly up in the future. Family and involvement in a certain group of people give strength for great achievements and victories. The fear of loneliness disappears, because behind each of us there is a whole clan. This is one of the basic human needs.
  • Secondly, the search for relatives leads manypeople in completely different countries or regions. Once again it is confirmed that there is no pure nationality. With the understanding of his multinational genealogy in a person, he croaks nationalism, bloody fascism, just a bias towards some nationalities and a stupid national pride. Nobody prevents to be proud of ancestors, but this does not mean that you can belittle other peoples.
  • Thirdly, it will help to better understand your health and body needs. After all, most of the predispositions to diseases are hereditary.
  • Fourthly, it's just a wonderful tradition that will unite the family, making it even stronger, stronger and friendlier.

Compilation of the family tree

Having dealt with the purpose of searching, it is worthwhile to think abouthow to know your roots. In an age of high technology and the growing opportunities for ways to do this kind of work really a lot. How do you know about your kindred roots? The most obvious and systematic method is to compile a genealogical (family) tree.

You can start such a global project with your parents,which will help with the main branches. Then switch to grandparents. To bypass is absolutely all relatives, including cousins ​​aunt and second cousins: you never know who is the custodian of priceless information. Further, having on the hands of the main tree, there are several options:

  • apply to the city archive;
  • order genealogy services;
  • explore Internet resources on the theme of genealogy.

How to find out your roots by last name

Exploring the archive

The most reliable way how to find out your roots bysurname, is the study of the city archive. For the sake of justice it is worth noting that this is the most difficult path by which one can go. How do you know your roots by last name? The archive contains metric books and track records. You will be asked to name the name, patronymic, year and place of birth of your close or distant relative.

Learning books

Also worth thinking about, what kind of religionbelonged to your ancestors, at least approximately. Having determined, one can begin a search in Orthodox consistories, rabbinate or Catholic deans. And better - in all three.

Pay attention to such a valuable sourceinformation, like the All-Russian book of memory. This is a body of knowledge about all those who participated in the hostilities of the Great Patriotic War. The people are grouped there by their last names. It's nice that if the search for a relative succeeds, you can learn about his combat merits. By the way, the book does not need to go to the archive. It can be found in free access on the Internet.

How to find out your roots by last name, archive

Also there is a book of memory of political repressions, books of industry, address books and various calendars of ranks. Get access to all this information is not so simple, but the result is worth it.

Services on the Internet

The most logical and easy way at the moment, how to find out your roots and pedigree, is the Internet. There are many ways. Below are some of them:

1) Internet resource FamiliSpace. A beautiful portal, created specifically for people who asked the question of how to find out their roots. Ancestors can be searched not only by name, but also by profession, region of residence and year of birth. The site often replenishes the database, the information is constantly updated.

2) Various online directories. Portals or offer search by name and last name. There are also other services. It's about creating a genealogical tree, searching for and reconstructing the arms of the family, creating family albums. The prices for such procedures bite, but it's worth it. Sites offer master classes in the teaching of independent pedigree research. They will be told exactly where to begin the search, how to find out their roots, will help in compiling a family tree.

How to find out about your kindred roots

3) Social networks. The simplest and cheapest option for finding relatives is social networks. Of course, here 100% guarantee of the information received can not be demanded, but it is worth trying this way of research.

4) Specialist services. Having ordered the work of the genealogy, you get a qualitative result. Then you will not need time and effort. If it's important to get the result, not the pleasure of the process, then this is certainly the best of the ways.

Conclusions and recommendations

The family is the most valuable and intimate that isin life. It does not just need to be built, protected, created, but also studied. Hope is in knowledge! If we do not know our past, then the fate of repeating mistakes of fathers and grandfathers will become inevitable. The continuity of generations is expressed in the color of the eyes, hair, habits, character, even in the choice of professions.

Pedigree how to find out your roots

Drawing up a family tree helps to assemblevaluable information about the health of relatives, life expectancy, and the professions of relatives. This all deepens the person's knowledge of themselves, opens up new talents, offers new horizons.

Of course, such an event will be worth the masseseffort and money. But, if you understand, is not the most important thing is the journey that we lead through life? And then it's so important to know where we started it and where we eventually end up coming.

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