Polar lights are a miracle of the planet

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Polar lights are one of the most beautifulphenomena of nature. Basically it can be observed in green or blue-green colors in the form of clouds, ribbons and spots. There are cases when shades of pink and even red are clearly visible. The so-called ribbons appear in the sky with intense radiance. They hang in the dark firmament, like a huge curtain or beautiful drapery on the landscape. When the strength of this natural phenomenon decreases, the tapes turn into spots, and sometimes completely disappear.

Polar Lights
They usually stretch from west to east at a height ofhundreds of kilometers. The insignificant thickness of this amazing "curtain" (several hundred meters) allows the naked eye to look through the stars. The lower edge of the aurora tape acquires a clear red or pink hue, and the upper edge gradually dissolves in the height of the dark sky, creating an excellent effect of the depth and infinity of the universe.

Polar lights are of several types: a radiant arc (a tape that can become active when moving, forming small folds), a uniform arc (a luminous band having the simplest shape, bright, but gradually disappearing with increasing) and a radiant band (formed at high activity, when the large folds of this natural phenomena are superimposed on smaller ones).

aurora photo
There is a polar light, not related to eitherone of these species. His activity is very high, since it is generated by solar energy. This radiance has the form of a cap, a whitish-green hue, spreads to the entire polar region and is called a squall.

By brightness, these natural phenomena can be dividedinto four species. After all, in terms of shade, they differ by a factor of ten, creating a multicolored polar glow. The photos show this, because they clearly show the difference in intensity. The light from the faintest radiance is barely noticeable, but from the strongest it is like the light of the moon. The process of its appearance proceeds at a speed equal to 1 km / sec. This causes the flares to warm up in the layers of the atmosphere, and it rushes upward. This polar aurora causes vortex electrical currents that capture large areas of the atmosphere and create additional unstable magnetic fields, resulting in magnetic storms.

A homogeneous structure is for this phenomenonthe main form, and all the folds and loops - it's just a reaction to the increase in activity, with the increase of which they expand to huge sizes, and with a decrease - disappear completely. In addition, with intense flashes, the aurora is always accompanied by sounds resembling noise and crackling in the autumn forest. Similar radiance affects the ionosphere, changing it. Such changes can lead to poor radio communication conditions or to its absence.

Thus, we can confidently concludethat the aurora is the most beautiful, magnificent and unique phenomenon of nature. This is a real miracle of our planet, which still pleases, surprises and conceals many secrets and mysteries.

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