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Competition, whether it's a humorous show ormarathon, always requires a thorough approach. Especially when it comes to the team game, because if alone and you can improvise, then in the group competition requires coherence of action. Therefore, it is so important to think about everything before the event, including the presentation of the team.

But what is so important about this? Why is everyone so eager to make their presentation of the team ideal? Well, the answer is simple, but let's talk about everything in order.

team presentation

Why is it important not to blunder in the beginning?

We think everyone remembers the scenes from the film, whereshow how warriors scream a battle cry before a large-scale battle? The feeling that arises at this moment is difficult to convey in simple words. It seems that even a moment - and you yourself rvanesh with them in the thick of the battle, spreading the enemies to the right and left.

The same feeling should arise in people,when they listen to the greeting of the team. It should fascinate them, grab the heart and mind, so that during the competition the audience supported by the applause of their favorites.

Also the view should reflect the whole pointteam, show its strengths. To do this without preliminary preparation is clearly not possible, therefore, several weeks before the event, and even earlier, you need to start rehearsals.

What do you need for a successful presentation of the team?

Representation of the team at the contest is not an easy task, and you can not think of it in half an hour. Therefore, collect all the participants in advance and start thinking about how to present yourself to the public.

For this let them all express their ideas. Practice has repeatedly shown that collective thinking gives better results than the elimination of single designs. In addition, as they say, one head is good, but two is better.

presentation of the team at the competition

So, what is needed for a successful presentation of the team?

  1. Name. Where without it, because how then to stand out from the others?
  2. Business card. It is she who will inform all the necessary information about the group.
  3. Slogan. Each self-respecting team has a "chant", which, in theory, should be remembered from the first time by the audience.

These three elements are capable of making the performance of the team unforgettable. Therefore, they need to work through everything, while carefully sorting out each of the components.

Representation of the team: business card, name and slogan

So, you should start with the name. After all, it should sound good and at the same time reflect the whole essence of the collective. I want to point out one thing: quite often collectives take the names of their institutions and enterprises. On the one hand, it increases recognition, and on the other - it may sound too trite, and sometimes even tasteless. After all, who will be rooting for the football team "Budenskaya sausage"?

A slogan is a small proposal thatserves as a motto. First, he must be well spoken, so that the audience immediately remembered him. Secondly, the saying should be funny and, in addition, carry a certain meaning. For example: "If you are, then be the best!" Or "Do not look at others at your feet, otherwise you'll fly off the road!".

The business card can have a different shape and stylefeed. It all depends on the genre and level of the competition. So, in KVN a whole number is allocated to the business card, and for a sports match it is enough to have a regular site, which lists all the necessary information.

business card presentation

The main thing - to be yourself

And the most important rule is to be yourself. If the team will stay on the stage stiffly, then look at it will be uninteresting, and then even a qualitatively prepared presentation will not help change attitudes towards oneself. The same applies to sports events.

Therefore, participants should not be afraid orhesitate. The public likes fighters who are ready for anything to win. And if any of the teams can prove that they are exactly such, then the hearts of the audience will certainly "get" to them.

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