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The social sphere of society is something non-uniform, something that can be understood only by studying in detail. In occasion of its essence disputes till now go.

Of course, the social sphere of society consists oflarge social groups, as well as from the relations that arise between these groups. Groups are not only labor collectives and classes, but also nations, peoples and so on. All of humanity is one big social community.

The social sphere is nothing more than a spherereproduction, and also production. Man realizes in himself not only as a spiritual and social being, but also, of course, as a biological being. The social sphere is what makes us educate, work. We receive the necessary medical care, we have a house that meets certain standards and is suitable for living. For example, the political sphere of society is also important. However, its importance can not be higher than the importance of the social sphere, since it is the basis of order and general well-being.

People are unequal in education, abilities andother. If one of the cogs drops out of the important mechanism, is it just going to pick up a similar one in its place? Yes, it all depends on the situation, and also on whether there is anything to choose from. So it is with people: society seeks to recreate those who could immediately master any kind of activity.

People are not equal not only in terms of abilities, but also in social position. The differences in this case exist as follows:

- Family;

- Sex and age;

- class.

Class characteristics of a person are usually relatedwith property. Property is what a person owns, what is his capital. Class stratification has taken place since ancient times, and nowhere to escape from it.

The means of production are whatthe property relations are formed. Those material benefits that are produced with their help - this is something that must satisfy the needs of people. Of course, someone gets them more, and someone - less.

In ancient times caste was the basis for stratification. It's about the fact that some groups of people had certain privileges, while others did not. These privileges were inherited.

Social inequality can be observed in societyalmost any country. Many great politicians and thinkers offered many options for its elimination. Some of them suggested opening all roads to the man in front of him so that he could choose his own and achieve the necessary benefits himself, while others claimed that it was necessary to give everyone a standard set of benefits.

People are also unequal in terms of age and sex.Yes, indeed, young people, children, pensioners and others live differently, engage in different activities, perform different social functions and so on. Here everything depends on the degree of independence, predisposition to something and so on. Women were often infringed in rights, not allowed to engage in certain activities. Today their situation is better, but discrimination is still observed.

A person must be protected, regardless of gender and age. Social protection is something that guarantees the welfare of everyone.

A family is a small social group.In the social structure of society, she always had a special place. What kind of relationship develops here? This is a biosocial relationship between spouses, necessary for the reproduction of the genus. Relations within the family are formed depending on the material and other living conditions of people. Nobody will argue with the fact that the peasant family lives quite differently from the urban family.

Society is changing under the influence of pressure layers.The social sphere can be managed, but for this management it is necessary to be able to understand the interests and moods of not only large social groups, but also individual individuals.

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