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Everyone knows for sure how painfulbites of bees, after them there are swelling and redness, and the moment when a winged insect pierces its poisonous sting into the skin can cause shock. Small animals may even die from this attack and the action of poison. And is there anyone in the nature who is not afraid of bee stings?

what animal is not terrible bee stings

Whether the beast saves the size

It seems that not to notice the attack of suchtiny creatures can very large animals, for example, elephants. However, the scientists made an observation that these giants are very afraid of bees and do not approach the acacia trees on which winged insects build their hives. And being stung, elephants for life remember the place where this happened, and can warn their relatives about the potential danger. But what an animal is not afraid of bee stings really, so it's a bear.

Great Gourmet

Bears are considered omnivores, they arethe same pleasure can eat berries, nuts, roots, insects, fish, rodents and birds. If there is little food, predators eat leaves and bark of trees. But the biggest treat for these powerful animals is honey. They smell it by the smell, for it they can climb on the tree where the bee nest is located. A powerful paw with sharp claws predator ravages the hives and eats not only sweet-smelling honey, but honeycombs, and bee larvae. And if the bear found an apiary, it would thoroughly turn it to satisfy the sweet tooth's passion.

who are not afraid of bee stings
After such an invasion the owner of the apiary does not have toto doubt what animal is not afraid of bee stings. The war with the hairy sweet tooth makes the owners of bee farms pull electric wires around the apiary and spray the beehives with lithium chloride, which causes an uninvited guest with a vomiting reflex.

Mechanism of protection

Bees, of course, also defend themselves and attackbear, trying to sting it, but the thick fur of the beast reliably protects it. The stinging apparatus of the bee consists not only of the sting, but also of the poisonous glands secreting substances that cause severe pain when penetrating into the wound. However, the solid fat layer, which bears accumulate under the skin, does not let the poison into the body. To accumulate fat, bears eat up to forty kilos of food per day.

who are not afraid of bee stings
But also these strong invulnerable animals have their own"Achilles' heel", because of which it is no longer so certain to answer the question about which animal is not afraid of bee stings. The gentle nose of the bear is very sensitive to bee attacks.

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