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Modern psychologists have proved that beautiful peoplecan not be stupid. They are more positively perceived in society, they are more purposeful and self-confident. Perhaps the leadership of Russia should listen to the opinion of scientists and give a green light to all beauties who dream of public service.

Competition "Miss Moscow-2014"

Every year in the capital ofthe title of the most beautiful resident of Moscow. Every year the scale of the event is growing. Organizers invite famous celebrities, politicians, actors, singers, in general, connoisseurs in the world of beauty and grace. Every year young, erudite, figured Muscovites become winners.

Polina Polkovnitskaya

2014 was no exception.The contest was attended by 28 contenders for the title of the most beautiful. The girls were supposed to not only dress in bathing suits, but also to say a speech, to highlight their position in life, to dance, to demonstrate their artistry. The victory went to Anna Alexeeva, a talented 18-year-old Muscovite. According to the jury, and this was the color of Moscow society, it was this talented blonde who deserved to win. The second and third place was shared by no less pretty girls - Polina Polkovnitskaya and Ekaterina Bozhenova.

After the announcement of the results of the contest on the webbegan heated discussions about the correctness of the decision of the judges. Appearance "Miss Moscow-2014" did not fit into the standard canons of beauty, which is why her victory caused such a resonance.

"The Moscow Beauty"

How did Alekseeva respond to the others?participant, remains a mystery. The second and third place was shared by the charming brunettes Polina and Catherine. The title "Moscow Beauty", this is the third place, went to a native of Voronezh. This fact also surprised many users. And yet many came to the conclusion that Polina Polkovnitskaya has all the external qualities to conquer the capital and get the first place.

Polkovnitskaya Polina

Among 28 participants, the girl stood out favorablypretty features of the face, thick hair and lush forms: 93-62-92 with an increase of 173 cm - almost ideal parameters of the figure. Many critics agreed that the makeup of the pretender to the first place was not ideal.

Facts from biography

Polkovnitskaya Polina, despite the desire forfame and glory, is not in a hurry to share with the fans facts from a past life. The journalists managed to "unearth" that she was born in Voronezh in 1995. I received my primary education there. Since childhood, he has developed many talents. Went to a dance club, vocals.

In his native city took part in the contest "MissVoronezh "and won the title" Voronezh Beauty 2011. "She took part in the International Vocal Competition of the Song" Francophonie "and became its prize-winner.Runet users who managed to visit this song contest note that Polina Polkovnitskaya is the owner of a soft and at the same time deep voice timbre.

At the time of participation in the contest the girl wasstudent of the Faculty of Law of the Russian Academy of National Economy of the Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation. Thanks to her intellect and active life position in 2013 she, together with the best representatives of the course, trained in Europe under the program "European Public Law Organization".

News about the young beauty

At the contest Polina Polkovnitskayaproved to be an intelligent person. It is no wonder, that the girl aspires to make career in civil service and counts exclusively on itself. After the third place in the Moscow news contest about the life of a student, the Academy was not. But pesky journalists still continued to follow social networks and photos in the Instagram of a young beauty. Yet they managed to unearth some facts from Polina's private life and present them in a very unfavorable light.

Polkovnitskaya Polina Valeryevna

Polina Polkovnitskaya as a person more or lessthe public decided to upload photos with all the interesting events of his life in Instagram. Like any girl, she laid out a few photos with her favorite Hermes bags, tickets to Paris first class, wine, oysters, chinchilla fur coat, in general, all the attributes of a wealthy life. And then something paparazzi and attacked the future civil servant, accusing her of insincerity.

Polina Polkovnitskaya photo

At the contest Polina Polkovnitskaya, like everyone elsecontestant, talking about plans for the future, highlighted the aspect that wants to participate in the political life of the country, bring good to ordinary people, improve social standards and so on. After the photo the journalists doubted the sincerity of the words of the contestant and suggested that she was simply striving for luxury and a good life, that's why she was trying to get into the State Duma. After the article Polina Polkovnitskaya, whose photo delighted the fans, deleted her accounts in social networks.

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