How to properly prepare a congratulation on the 70th birthday of a man

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When it turns 70, from relatives and friendsI want to receive sincere and warm congratulations coming from the very heart. This is the age when a person wants to reap the fruits of his labor. All the words said by relatives and friends should be necessarily solemn, kind, sincere and positive. To forget nothing, you need to prepare in advance a congratulation on the 70th birthday of a man.

congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the man

At this age a person, sad as it may seem,friends and colleagues on work every year becomes less. But relatives, on the contrary, are added. Appear and grow up grandchildren and great-grandchildren. So the organization of the holiday for your beloved father and grandfather falls on the shoulders of loved ones. Accordingly, they must take care to prepare a congratulation on the 70th anniversary of the man. In prose or in poetic form it will be, it does not matter. The main thing is that it reflects the love and care of the nearest environment. It is necessary to describe the main achievements of life of the hero, to tell how he values ​​himself and his contribution to family prosperity.

What is not worth talking about ...

A holiday at which congratulations will be70th anniversary of a man, must be sincere and very kind. It is best to make sure that the jubilee forgot about his age and once again felt strong and full of strength. Preparing congratulations on the 70th birthday of a man in verse, but, perhaps in prose, one must avoid the old age, illness, infirmity. It should be emphasized that the grandfather is still full of strength, to recall how much he does for his loved ones. It happens that a person continues to work in such years. This must certainly be mentioned, writing congratulations on the 70th birthday of a man. For example: "Our dear! Today you are not old, but just mature. If your soul is young, then do not worry about age. For all the years you have lived, you have gained a lot of experience, which you are happy to share with the younger generation. The main thing, be happy, and we will try to please and not upset you. "

congratulations on the 70th anniversary of a man in prose

A beautiful treat

The obligatory attribute of a magnificent celebration iscake. Of course, it does not fit a congratulation on the 70th birthday of a man in prose, but a couple of verse lines can easily decorate a masterpiece of culinary skills. Nowadays, they make fine cakes, not only to taste. Confectioners can display all the customer's wishes on their surface with the help of cream or mastic. The relatives have the opportunity to make a cake, which depicts the main hobby of the jubilee. In men, it can be a sport of any kind. The original will be a treat in the form of a huge fish or sports equipment. It is not difficult to imagine the surprise of guests and the jubilee when they see a surprise that does not differ in appearance from the original, but in the end it turns out that this is not a souvenir, but quite edible sweetness.

congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the man funny

The holiday should please

70 years is an honorable age and it is not acceptedhide. On the contrary, it is necessary to emphasize what date the relatives and relatives intend to celebrate. It is desirable to decorate the interior in a suitable way. It is very important that everything looks solemn and serious, but not too much, otherwise the jubilee can get bored. Despite the fact where the event is held, at home or in a restaurant, the main thing is that from the lips of relatives there are suitable congratulations on the occasion of the 70th birthday of a man. Funny words and phrases expressed by the youth language can also be heard at this holiday. But only if the jubilee has an excellent sense of humor and is able to appreciate this kind of expression of feelings. Otherwise, it will cause bewilderment or resentment. A grieving close relative is not worth it. After all, this is his holiday and must be done so that he really enjoyed it, especially a congratulation to a man with his 70th birthday. For example, you can say: "I was invited to the anniversary of my grandfather! But I do not find it among those present. This brave, smart young man can not be. But everyone assures me that this is it. Therefore, I wish you health, vivacity, and look also at your 100th anniversary. "

That everything went smoothly

Good words should sound as much as possible.Older people appreciate them no less than gifts, which at this age to pick up is not so simple. As a rule, life is already established, the house has everything you need. The exception is a jubilee who is fond of collecting or has a hobby. There really is where to go for a walk. The more items a grandfather will receive for his collection, the happier he will be. For years of life, they probably already had a lot of accumulated. He will proudly demonstrate or tell about each exhibit to all those present. Get something for your hobby is also very nice. It can be anything you like, most importantly, to be useful, liked and gave pleasure.

congratulations on the 70th birthday of a man in verse

70 years is a time to sum up the life results.It happens that a person remembers not only good, but also his mistakes or grief. The relatives should in that case direct the thoughts of their dear relative in a positive direction. Funny, touching cases from their lives with the participation of the hero of the day will certainly be useful. In order to be able to talk about them beautifully, we must prepare in advance, then the soulful atmosphere of the holiday will be remembered for many years.

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