Lena or Dasha? And maybe Pelagia? Let's talk about how to name your daughter!

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Of course, planning a child is one of thethe most important stages in the life of any young family. If your body is in order, and you are morally ready to conceive, then, as they say, forward and with the song! It takes several months ... You already know the sex of the child. Now on

how to name a daughter
the agenda is the question of choosing a name. Today we will talk about how to name the daughter, depending on the month of her birth.

This, perhaps, is a very burning problemamong newly-made parents. The fact is that many young couples are amenable to the trends of modern fashion. For example, in early 2013 at the height of popularity were such female names as Ksyusha, Sonia, Nastya, Varya and Paul. Despite this, discussions about how to name the daughter are being conducted today. Young moms and dads who do not pursue fashion prefer to call their girls Angelina, Irena, Stella, Agni, Anfisa and Marousia ... There are also those who give their preference to the native Russian names: Miroslav, Zlata, Yaroslav, Varvara, I'm glad and so on.

What's in a name?

All of the above names are really beautifuland are not trivial. But they have their own meaning, and their interpretation. When we think about how to name a daughter, we perfectly understand that none of us can in advance know what character traits our child will inherit, which of them will be dominant, and so on. We also do not know whether our child will be so brave and determined to proudly wear one of such atypical names.

The current legislation does not put before us any ogres

how to name my daughter in June
anicings in how to name a daughter or son.We can freely give the child any invented name, for example, Rosslava, Rossana or Rosina. These are derived from the name of our country - Russia. Such names will be exclusive and unrepeatable, but also familiar in sound and composition of letters. There is in this and "the reverse side of the coin." The owner of such an exotic name can survive quite a lot of unpleasant moments and situations, being a teenager! In general, you should turn to the Holy! So, let's find out how you can name a girl born in the summer or in the fall.

How to name your daughter in June

Usually the following are considered summer names:Julia, Elena, Christina, Akulina, Maria, Kira, Ulyana, Valeria, Sophia and Daria. This leads to the fact that in any group of kindergarten teachers have four Anyutka and five Dashenek ... That's why you need to choose an individual name for your princess!

how to call my daughter in October

If you are supporters of calling children inhonor of any outstanding people or relatives (for example, in honor of the grandmother), then be more careful. We recommend that you do not do this for two reasons:

  • The name may turn out to be old-fashioned, jammed and ridiculous (for example, Claudius);
  • there is a superstition according to which the diseases and the character of the person, after whom the child was named, will necessarily pass to the baby!

How to name the daughter in October?

Autumn versions of girls' names are as follows:Thekla, Evlampiya, Zlata, Efrosinya, Sophia, Pelagia, Praskovya, Zinaida, Taisia, Marianna and Anna. As we can see, outdated names prevail here. Do not forget that any reasoning about the future name for the girl should be built on a beautiful combination of it with the child's patronymic! So do not forget to "try on" all the options you are considering for your patronymic! This is especially true of autumn names.

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