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Evgeny Kuzin - ex-participant of the Russian TV show"House-2: Build your love." His fame and popularity is completely linked to the project, in which he is the record holder in the number of cases when a participant returns after another care. In total, he was a participant of the show for eight years (in the period from 2008 to 2016).

Outside the project

Currently engaged in business - hasstore brand clothing. In parallel, he speaks at various corporate parties with a toastmaster. He is in a civil marriage with Alexandra Artemova, who is younger than him for 12 years. In the period from 2015 to 2016, the girl was also a participant in a scandalous television project.

Evgeny Kuzin: Biography

Born December 15 in 1984 in the cityNovorossiysk. Ros and was brought up in the usual average, but happy family. Since childhood, the guy was charismatic and creative, he had all the makings of a future actor. As a schoolboy, Zhenya attended a theater group, where he learned the secrets of acting, and it should be noted that in this business he succeeded. After a while, Eugene even played in the amateur theater and was locally famous in his city.

Evgeny Kuzin

In 2002, Evgeny Kuzin entered the RSSU, wherestudied at the Faculty of Social Technologies. However, the pursuit of higher education was not long at all - after several semesters the boy left the university, after which he was expected to serve in the army. Demobilized, Eugene Kuzin comes to his place in Novorossiysk, where he finds work on the TV channel "New Russia". Here he had accumulated the necessary experience for himself, in order to decide in time to take a desperate step - to go conquer the capital.

In Moscow he is arranged by the coordinator of castingon the TV show "House 2". Eugene saw all the subtleties of this sphere from the inside, and also got new useful acquaintances. A year later he was offered to try himself as a participant in the project, to which Kuzin willingly agreed.

Relationships on the project

The first girl Yevgeny Kuzin at the "House-2" wasNadezhda Ermakova, however, he did not stay with her very long. For a long time he was in the status of a free young man, and after a while he began to show interest in Margarita Agibalova. It even went to the wedding, and the young ones were officially declared husband and wife (the couple even had a baby in December 2009), but mother-in-law Irina intervened in the relationship of the young family and destroyed everything (the young divorced).

Evgeny Kuzin biography

After that, Yevgeny Kuzin was aboutfour girls, with whom the relationship is also not particularly good. In 2016, the young man left the project together with his young beloved Alexandra Artemova.

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